How to change player name in Among Us (PC & Mobile)

Who would have thought giving yourself a name would be so difficult?

Among Us has been blowing up in popularity, so you are no doubt giving the game a try after hearing so much about it. Well, it can be a bit confusing when you first step foot into it, so one of the first questions you might have is how exactly you change your identity in the game. We will be taking a look at exactly what you need to do to change your name in both PC and Mobile versions!

How to Change Your Name on Mobile

To change your name in Among Us on mobile, you will need to select the Online option and look to the top of the screen for the box with the word "Player" inside of it. Tap on that box and your keyboard will popup and allow you to enter a name of your choosing in. Once you've got what you'd like to be known as entered in, you can hit return to complete the process.

Among Us name editing screen on a mobile device

How to Change Your Name on PC

To change your name in Among Us on pc, it is largely the same process but it's a bit more clear. You can either go to the local or online game mode and once you open that up you will see a box on the screen that says "Enter Name" inside of it. Click on that box and you will be able to enter the name you'd like to be known as in the game. Hit the enter key to confirm your selection!

Name change screen on PC in Among Us

That's everything you need to know about changing your name in Among Us. It's a pretty simple process, but people get a bit tripped up when playing on mobile because the word "Player" is there instead of something more obvious like "Enter Name" would be. Hopefully, they end up changing that because it seems like a lot of people get a bit confused about it, when it should be pretty obvious how it is done.

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