Animal Crossing New Horizons – How to Catch an Ant

If you're looking to complete your Bug Critterpedia, then we're taking a look at how to catch an ant in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Catching one of these little buggers is a bit different than your typical insect! Once you know the trick to it, however, it will be really easy to collect.

How to Catch an Ant

What you will need to do is have some spoiled food that will attract an ant! To accomplish this, we'll need to purchase a turnip on Sunday from Daisy Mae. Once you've gotten yourself a turnip, you will want to find an open area outside on the ground to place it. Now, we need the turnip to spoil. This requires that we wait until the following Sunday! So, either time travel yourself ahead a week or just wait it out.

Once the turnip has gone rotten, you will eventually be able to come out to it and find a trail of ants leading from a hole to the turnip. All you need to do now is take out your bug net and swipe it down on top of them. You will now have collected an Ant! Feel free to take it over to Blathers to freak him out, or just sell it for a bit of cash.

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