How to tame Therizinosaurus in ARK: Survival Evolved

High power, low maintenance.

The survival-crafting game ARK: Survival Evolved presents one of the most difficult but rewarding taming challenges of any game in the form of the Therizinosaurus. These huge herbivores might be terrible enemies, but they’re terrific mounts and harvesters. In this guide, we’ll talk about the Therizinosaurus and how to tame them.

Therizinosaurus taming guide in ARK: Survival Evolved

Therizinosaurs can be tamed, but not without risks. Most players try to shoot them to knock them down, but end up getting killed by their ferocious swipes. Here’s a better way to tame the Therizinosaurus with less risk:

  1. First, stock up on tranqs, arrows, narcotics, and kibble. You’re going to need a lot of these to succeed.
  2. Second, you need to build a trap. Create a 2x2 structure with an open roof and ramp where you can climb in and lure the Therizino, and a small door where you can make your exit after luring it in. The walls should be made of metal so that they can withstand attacks from the bird’s claws.
  3. After preparing the trap, try to lure one in by shooting it and letting it chase after you. Don’t die in the process.
  4. Once the Therizinosaurus is in the trap, pepper it with tranqs or arrows to knock it out, then use narcotics to keep it down.
  5. Then, use Exceptional Kibble to tame the herbivore. The taming percentage will increase as it eats the kibble you give.

Depending on where you set the trap, you’ll also need to protect the Therizinosaurus you captured from other carnivores. Spike walls will be helpful, so make sure you have these with you.

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What is the Therizinosaurus in ARK: Survival Evolved?

ARK: Survival Evolved
Image via Studio Wildcard

Therizinosaurs are herbivores with a build similar to the Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus. Despite their leafy diet, they possess sheer power rivaling the Rex and Spinosaurus. These dinos can be identified by their huge scythe-like claws and the feathers covering most of their bodies.

Benefits of taming the Therizinosaurus in ARK: Survival Evolved

As mentioned, Therizinosaurs are great mounts and are also good harvesters of certain materials. Here’s a quick look at the benefits you can get from them:

  • They are high-DPS mounts that do not eat meat.
  • They are natural tanks and can be used as part of a dino DPS pack. Opt to specialize in damage and health for this purpose.
  • They are useful in harvesting various kinds of resources, ranging from wood to berries to meat and more. They cannot harvest certain materials such as oil, metal, black pearls, and more, however.
  • They are good travel mounts. Because of their large size and sheer power, many wild animals will naturally avoid them. They aren’t fast, but they won’t attract attackers as you travel.

Therizinosaurs are peaceful when left on their own and rarely attack unprovoked. They normally move alone but can be seen moving in groups of two or three at a time. They typically make their nests near shores or within jungles. They are territorial—meaning they will attack when you are very near.

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How to tame Therizinosaurus in ARK: Survival Evolved

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