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Artifact – The Dota Card Game Guide – All Current Information, Release Date, Closed Beta

Artifact is the upcoming card game by Valve that will be based around the DOTA franchise.

Artifact is the upcoming card game from Valve that will be based on DOTA universe. Lots of comparisons to Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering will be thrown around, but early information on the game looks to be something fairly different from your typical collectible card game. Our Artifact guide seeks to round up all of this current information, as well as keep everything as up-to-date as possible!

Quick Information

  • Announcement Date: August 8th, 2017
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Closed Beta Date: Unknown

Game Information

  • Game will eventually be out for iOS and Androind in 2019.
  • Decks contains 40 cards and includes 5 heroes (same as a DOTA team).
  • 44 Heroes and 280+ cards in the base game.
  • There are four colors: Red, Green, Black, and Blue (similar to Magic: the Gathering). Each color has its own theme.
  • Artifact is a TRADING Card Game. You will be able to trade and sell individual cards on the Steam Market.

Artifact Release Date

According to the PC Gamer article, it looks like the full release will be later this year. What that means in terms of an actual date is unknown.

Artifact Teaser

This is the absolute definition of a teaser, because very little can be gained from watching the video below unfortunately.

A lot more information can be gained by watching the following clip. The teaser above was shown during the DOTA 2 International, and Day9 followed it up by explaining some of the details in the game.

Watch the clip of Day9 explaining Artifact at the DOTA 2 International

Artifact Currently Known Game Information

To the surprise of no one, there will be creatures and spells which you can cast. This is all very standard to most card games, but the resources these cards will use is still not clear.

You control five heroes, which you can deploy among the different lanes.

Creeps spawn every turn. This is going to be very unique to Artifact, and likely puts the game in the more position based strategy style of card games like Castle Royale, Duelyst, or Hand of the Gods.

There will be gold in the game which you gain by killing enemy heroes. You can use this gold buy item cards which you can then equip to your heroes.

All the heroes from DOTA 2 will be in the game, and they will have their abilities. Day9 gives an example of using Bounty Hunter and it having access to the Track ability.

Gabe Newell Discusses Artifact

Artifact Screenshots

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