How to get Quick Charge in Minecraft?

Quick Charge is a special enchantment that players can get for their crossbow in Minecraft. But to get it, they will need to either trade with Villagers using emeralds, fish via the fishing pole, loot dungeons, or use an enchanting table.  Starting with trading, players can sometimes trade emeralds for enchanted books. However, it’s worth […]

How to make Blue Dye in Minecraft

To make blue dye in Minecraft, you will need to gather one of two materials in the game and place them inside a crafting table. The materials you will need to make blue dye include both cornflowers and lapis lazuli. You can get cornflowers by searching either the flower forest or plains biome, and one […]

Where to find Goats in New World?

To find goats in New World you will need to search in areas in which they commonly spawn, such as Reekwater, Ebonscale Reach, and Great Cleave. In these game regions, you can find goats spawning around the following locations. Location Region Bleachwood Coast Reekwater Stone Parish Reekwater Skyview Repose Reekwater Scagglemane Nook Reekwater Mosswater Bourg Reekwater Reekwater […]

Best Rivercress Stems Locations | Where to find Rivercress Stems in New World?

If you are trying to find Rivercrest Stems, the best locations to find them is at any lake or river in the game. Locations that fall under this description include the following listed below.  Broadfishing spot Cambell’s Rest Millberry Hill’s fishing spot Riverseat Primrose Forelalc Lake near Moe’s Farm Any River in Windsward Any Water […]

How to get Tadpoles in New World?

To get tadpoles in New World, you will first need to get a fishing pole. Once you got a fishing pole, you will be able to fish for tadpoles in freshwater areas and in broad fishing spots.  For the best results, we recommend fishing at board fishing spots. However, you can still find tadpoles in any […]