Should I Buy Breakwaters? – Breakwaters Early Access Review

Breakwaters is an interesting take on the survival crafting genre. The game tasks you with uncovering secrets by exploring ruins and surviving on Islands against various giant bosses. Eventually, the game will lead players to a thrilling boss fight against various titans. But before players will reach these battles, they will first need to find […]

Best way to kill Bears in Icarus

The best way to kill bears in Icarus is not with melee, as bears will often come out on top in close-range combat. Instead, you will need to focus on ranged attacks to kill bears. Start by learning how to craft a bow by visiting the research tree. You can find the research tech tree by hitting […]

Are vehicles in Icarus?

If you wonder if Icarus has vehicles the player can use for travel, the answer is yes and no. Currently, the game does not feature any vehicle that can be used instead of simply walking everywhere. Because of this, players are left with their legs alone as transportation. Luckily this won’t always be the case, as there are […]

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 December 2nd Patch Notes – Fixes, Changes, and Improvements and more

In Update 3 for Battlefield 2042, many things have been changed and improved, along with a new weekly mission feature. Each week Battlefield 2042 will have a total of three varying missions players can complete. Completing these missions will reward players with extra XP, and if players complete all three, they will earn a cosmetic as a reward. […]