How to make string in Minecraft

String is a highly sought after resource in the all-time classic Minecraft, as you need it to craft a few essential items in the game. That said, keep reading below to find out how to make string in Minecraft. How to get String in Minecraft To make a long story short, you cannot make string in Minecraft as it […]

How to make Obsidian in Minecraft

Obsidian is a rare and useful resource you are going to need at some point in Minecraft. Want to go to the Nether, how about making an Enchanting Table? Well, you need some of that Obsidian, I’m afraid. Luckily this guide will explain how to make Obsidian in Minecraft.  How to Get Obsidian In Minecraft  To […]

How to make an Enchanting Table in Minecraft

In the hit all-time classic build and survival game Minecraft, there is an enchantment system, and using it will allow you to give special buffs to various items in the game. But to use this system, you need a unique crafting table called an Enchanting Table. Luckily in our guide here, we will tell you […]