All Champions in TeamFight Tactics Set 6 | Gizmos and Gadgets

Set 6 has finally made its way to the PBE! We now know which heroes are going to be making an appearance in the League of Legends-themed auto-battler. Here are all the champions and their traits, sorted from 1 to 5 costs. 1 cost Caitlyn EnforcerSniper Camille ClockworkChallenger Darius SyndicateBodyguard Ezreal ScrapInnovator Garen AcademyProtector Graves […]

How many Bosses are In Metroid Dread?

In Samus’s latest adventure, there are 10 bosses you will fight on the planet ZDR, with some appearing multiple times. Here are the adversaries you will be going toe-to-toe within the latest and conclusion of the Fusion saga: Corpius The first boss encounter in dread is found in Artaria. Kraid Kraid is found in the […]

How to get Apex Predator in Apex Legends

Be prepared for a grind if you’re looking to rank to the highest tier in Apex Legends. With Apex’s ranked system, you can attain Ranked Points (RP) by winning matches and getting kills. However, each ranked game requires an RP buy-in. This deduction gets higher the more you climb in rank, along with fewer points […]