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The Ace

The Ace skin is going to be the third Starter Pack skin. You can purchase this in the V-Bucks shop, and it is usually $4.99 USD. You get the skin, back bling, and 600 V-Bucks. This is a pretty solid deal for what you get. The skin itself depicts a female with dark gray leather […]

Sushi Master

The Sushi Master is an interesting skin being added to Fortnite. It depicts a Sushi chef, in a white and blue themed outfit. There’s no female version for this skin type, but uniquely this rare skin does come with a back bling called Chef’s Choice. Filet Axe is the similarly themed pickaxe, and there’s also […]

P.A.N.D.A Team Leader

If you are a big fan of the Team Leader skins then this is a pretty awesome one. We’ve already got ones like Cuddle Team Leader and Fireworks Team Leader, so this adds to the fuzzy mascot-esque skin crew. It has the signature black and white colors of your favorite cuddly bear. Official Description Victory […]

Pokecord Guide – Tips, Beginners, Credits, Catching More Pokemon!

If you are just getting into Pokecord or are wanting to know more about it. I’ve compiled a bunch of information for beginners, about credits, and learning how-to catch more Pokemon! What is Pokecord? It’s a Discord bot that allows you to collect, duel, trade, and purchase Pokemon! Your collection follows you to any server […]


This is the male version in the all white Motorcyclist based skins. If you are into more of a slender frame, you should check out the Whiteout outfit. This one has a bit more detail in the jacket area, where as the female skin is much more streamlined. Official Description Take over the competition. Information […]