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Fireworks Team Leader

A similar skin to the Cuddle Team Leader, the Fireworks Team Leader is a celebration of Independence Day (4th of July) for the United States of America. The bear is mostly blue, but features red and white striped in the torso and leg area. It comes with Uncle Sam’s top stars and strips top hat […]

Squad Leader

The Squad Leader is apart of the season 4 battle pass. It doesn’t really fit the theme of superheroes, but matches up with the Battlehawk skin you get in tier 1. It has a similar vibe of the combative Steelsight skin, and has a general military vibe to it. The skin also features a full […]

Fortnite Drum Gun Guide – Damage, Stats, Where-to Find

Our Drum Gun guide lists off the damage, stats, and where to find this new addition to the Fortnite arsenal! It looks like Fortnite is continuing to push skins and parts of the game into that Mafia gangster era with the new detective skins, agency, and now the Drum Gun. This gun in real life […]

Crimson Axe

The Crimson Axe is widely speculated to be part of the Red Knight skin. The Red Knight skin is pretty rare and has a lot of people clamoring for it, so when this leaked the excitement for it to come back to the shop has been huge! The axe is mostly red on the top […]

Realm Royale Gun and Weapons List – Stats, Damage, & More!

We’re compiling a full list of weapons for the new battle royale game: Realm Royale. This guide will feature weapon stats, damage, and everything else you need to know to get ahead in the game. Realm Royale Gun and Weapons List You can currently get many different types of weapons: crossbows, pistols, rifles, shotguns, swords, […]