Best Dead by Daylight Killers

So, we covered which survivors are the best in Dead by Daylight, but what about when you’re on the other side? The killing side? It’s a versatile game and you also need to be prepared for both outcomes! It’s all well and good knowing who your main is for getting those generators started, however, you need […]

All Kingdom Hearts Games in Order

Kingdom Hearts is a beloved franchise which beautifully mixes the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney together for a fantastical, yet slightly cheesy story. But the timeline is slightly convoluted, and that itself is even an understatement! To celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts finally coming to PC, let’s have a look at the entirety of the […]

Horde Locations in Days Gone

The brilliant Days Gone was released back in 2019 by Bend Studio, and has recently received a graphical update for the PlayStation 5. Not only that, but it is one of the free games for April 2021 on PlayStation Plus! So, considering now is definitely the time to experience the game for the first time, or possibly […]