How to complete the Shuumatsuban Operations World Quest in Genshin Impact

Shuumatsuban Operations is the first World Quest in The Very Special Fortune Slip questline, which can be initiated after completing the four-day prerequisite that involves accidentally completing Shuumatsuban missions from the Grand Narukami Shrine. Starting the World Quest After completing the prerequisite, head to Inazuma City using the Teleport Waypoint on the left. You don’t […]

How to unlock The Very Special Fortune Slip World Questline (SHUUMATSU GAIDEN Achievement) in Genshin Impact

The Very Special Fortune Slip is a World Questline that can be unlocked after completing a Hidden Exploration Objective that starts at the Grand Narukami Shrine. Completing this prerequisite will also grant you the Wonders of the World Achievement called SHUUMATSU GAIDEN. While this series of objectives runs for four real-time days, skipping days won’t […]