How to solve all Tsurumi Island Relay Stone puzzles in Genshin Impact

Relay Stone puzzles are rampant in Inazuma. These puzzles are simple in theory—players must create an Electro Current by connecting Discharge and Cumulation Stones with Relay Stones. But with the game’s penchant for putting in all sorts of confusing mechanics, these puzzles can be more troublesome than they initially seem. There are eight Relay Stone […]

Genshin Impact Hangout Event: Sayu Guide

Sayu, one of the Yashiro Commission’s beloved Shuumatsuban ninja, is a little obsessed with growing taller (and sleeping to achieve that goal). But she’s proven to be an incredibly reliable ally after helping players in the Archon Quest Omnipresence Over Mortals. Spend time with this pint-size ninja by unlocking her Hangout Event with two Story […]

How to complete the Solitary Sea-Beast World Quest in Genshin Impact

Watatsumi Island is filled with mysteries by the sea. The Solitary Sea-Beast World Quest introduces players to the Umibouzu—large sea creatures treated with polarity by neighboring villages. This heartwarming quest brings together Kumi, a girl from Inazuma, and Anisa, a researcher from Sumeru, as they bring closure to the death of Kumi’s childhood best friend. […]

All Classes and Characters in Elsword

Elsword is a 2.5D action massively multiplayer online role-playing game that features both player vs. enemy and player vs. player gameplay. Players can choose to control a range of characters that are tied to specific Job classes. Each class has multiple Job paths that branch out to specialized classes upon completing the First, Second, and […]