What is Job Affinity in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, explained

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin features an interesting and somewhat complex Job Affinity system that functions to progress your character’s skill set and statistics. Instead of traditionally earning XP for your character and automatically leveling up, you earn EXP toward your currently equipped Job Affinity after defeating each enemy. Boosting your Job Affinity tiers […]

Elden Ring — Meeting Place Map Location

If you’ve found the vague map fragment just outside the South Raya Lucaria Gate’s glowing blue energy lock, you may be wondering where the elusive Meeting Place Location is located. Here’s what you need to do in order to grab the Glintstone Key and gain access to Raya Lucaria Academy. From the South Raya Lucaria […]

How do Summoning Pools work in Elden Ring?

There’s no sugar coating it—Elden Ring is hard. Between accidentally falling off steep cliffs in the middle of a boss battle or getting ambushed by bosses falling from the sky sans warning, it can get tough being alone in a world where everything is out to kill you. Luckily, the game features a mechanic that […]