How to select a suitable crosshair in Valorant

Apart from your aim and game sense, one of the vital factors required for ideal performance in Valorant is the usage of a good crosshair. While most people tend to copy the crosshairs of professional players, it is not the best practice. It’s mainly because the crosshairs were made by the player to suit their […]

How to become a Librarian in BitLife

One of the objectives of the Beast and Beauty challenge in BitLife is to become a Librarian. At first look, the objective may sound easy, as many assume that the post does not require much more education than graduating high school. But the reality is that you need to go to a university, followed by graduate school to […]

How to marry an Uggo in BitLife

The last and the most confusing objective of the Beast and Beauty challenge is to marry an Uggo. The main confusion arises from the word Uggo as many foreigners do not know the exact meaning. It is a slang word to describe ugly or less attractive people during the early 2000s. So, in the game, […]