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Best Concentration Spells in BG3

Concentrate on these spells to dominate the battlefield

Some of the strongest spells available to you in Baldur's Gate 3 use the Concentration mechanic, and it's because they are balanced by their limited use (i.e. one at a time). The best Concentration spells offer huge total damage, incredible crowd control effects, and potent buffs to your party. With that, here are our recommendations.

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Baldur's Gate 3 - Best Concentration Spells, Ranked

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SHaste, Bless
AGlobe of Invulnerability, Cloudkill, Hold Person/Monster, Shield of Faith
BWeb, Hunger of Hadar, Call Lightning
CSpirit Guardians, Sunbeam, Moonbeam, Dominate Person/Beast, Barkskin

The spells listed aren't in any particular order among their respective tiers due to the numerous different ways they can be utilized—often there is no right answer, and sometimes there is one clear victor.

S Tier Concentration Spells in BG3


Arguably the strongest buff in the entire game, Haste offers so many benefits it is hard to state enough how valuable it is to your party. A great utility spell that enables more damage, more actions, better survivability, and better mobility, it's wise to always have someone in your party that can cast Haste.


Much like Haste, Bless offers significant buffs to your entire party, regardless of their role. As a spell that improves Chance to Hit, Bless is always a welcomed addition, especially against those enemies with higher-than-average Armor Class (AC).

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A Tier Concentration Spells in BG3

Globe of Invulnerability

The answer to any situation that goes south very fast, it simply prevents your entire party from taking damage for three turns. Due to the invulnerability, Concentration cannot be interrupted if the caster is within it. The only real downside is how high level of a spell this is, but that's to be expected when it prevents all possible death while it is active.


Cloudkill is a high-damage, large Area of Effect (AoE) spell that has a chance to do massive damage to anything inside it every single turn. Even better, it can be repositioned every turn using an Action, and has no inherent turn duration. Its huge, flexible radius is what puts this spell so high on the list.

Hold Person/Monster

A debilitating spell that completely renders the target unable to defend itself, while guaranteeing Critical Hits. As far as Crowd Control spells go, it is one of the most powerful, limited only by the number of targets it can hit at once.

Shield of Faith

Shield of Faith is a near-permanent increase to your AC with no strings attached. Functions very similar to Mage Armor, but without the annoying limitations.

B Tier Concentration Spells in BG3


As the name implies, Web covers a large area in spider web that slows movement and possibly Enwebs if the target fails a DEX save. A very strong area denial spell, it's perfect for stopping even the most resilient enemies in their tracks.

Hunger of Hadar

Incredibly strong due to its ability to inflict both Cold and Acid damage in a very large area that is also considered Difficult Terrain. Even better, it functions like a high-damage Darkness spell, making it one of the best area denial tools in the game. The only downside? It is exclusive to Warlocks.

Call Lightning

Call Lightning has always been an iconic spell within D&D, and Baldur's Gate 3 has respected its power. An offensive spell, Call Lightning's Concentration benefit comes from being able to recast it several times over without having to use another Spell Slot; its incredible range also makes it a fantastic universal nuke tool. Combine the spell with a Wet target and you get one of the best consistently strong nukes in the entire game. However, requiring Wet status to reach its full potential is why it's not higher on the list.

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C Tier Concentration Spells in BG3

Spirit Guardians

Spirit Guardians is a summoning spell that functions like a sentry to anyone who dares enough to come close. Due to it not having a Turn limit, it is strong at keeping enemies at bay or funnelling them into choke points.


A potent beam of light that blinds targets and deals high damage. Can be repositioned every turn at the cost of an Action, which is perfect since its narrow area of effect can be maneuvered out of fairly easily. Repositioning is free to recast.


Similar to Sunbeam but deals less damage and has fewer secondary effects. However, Moonbeam is Spell Level 2 while Sunbeam is Spell Level 6, allowing this spell to be cast far more often. Covers roughly the same area as Sunbeam. Think of it as the junior version of the iconic spell.

Dominate Person/Beast

Turns a Humanoid enemy into your ally that fights for you. Incredibly strong when it works, but due to the Humanoid limitation and the fact a dominated target can break your domination, it puts it down a tier from Hold Person/Monster.


Another iconic D&D spell that changes a target's AC to 16. Powerful for casters that haven't been focusing on self-preservation much. Doesn't have an effect on targets beyond 16 AC already.

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Best Concentration Spells in BG3

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