BitLife Alphabet Challenge Guide – How-to Complete!

If you're wondering how-to complete the BitLife Alphabet Challenge then we've got all the information you will need! This isn't too difficult of a challenge, but it can sometimes require a bit of luck to complete because every Bitizen is not created equal.

Challenges are a new addition to the game and will be coming out on a weekly basis. You will get a set of rules and an objective you need to complete. Once you've done it, you will find out where you ranked among all of the other BitLife players! This a fun little addition to the game that will change how you play the game and give you something to new to accomplish.

Alphabet Challenge Guide

First, we'll take a look at the exact rules and requirements of the Alphabet Challenge:

  • Be a female
  • Give birth to 26 children
  • Start each child's name with a different letter of the alphabet

That's fairly simple, but you will really need to pump out the kids to finish the challenge before your Bitizen gets too old or dies!

Start yourself off as a female and try to start with a strong percentage in both the Health and Looks department. We want good Health because we don't want our character to die off too quickly, and we'll need looks to attract a strong mate. Now, age up and look to maintain your Happiness and Health. Keeping your character happy will go a long way to keeping them healthy. You can look for options under Mind & Body a lot earlier now, so take a walk to keep your Health up. Go see a movie each year to maintain your happiness. You also might want to spend time with friends and family.

Once you get to year 12, you will open up a lot more options. You can go to the gym and meditate. There's rumored to be helpfulness towards fertility if you meditate, but it hasn't been proven completely as far as I know. It doesn't hurt to do it though, so make sure to meditate at least once a year. You will now want to look for the Love option and find yourself a boyfriend. You won't be able to have a kid yet, but it will prep you for the ability to have one when you get old enough!

Once you hit the age of 16 you will have the Make Love option available. You might run into a person that is saving their virginity or want to wait for marriage. If that's the case you're going to need to break up with them and find someone else. The Date option can be used over and over in a single year, you just need to keep looking for someone willing to Make Love. You might want to look for a guy with a higher Crazy level. Keep making love in a single year until you get pregnant! Once you've gotten knocked up you can then move onto the next year.

Once you move forward you will be given the option to name your baby. It's easiest just to go in order of the alphabet. Start with an A name and keep going until you reach Z. The actual name doesn't matter, so just do something with the particular letter you need. Now, just keep jamming on the Make Love option each year and you should be able to pop out a baby every single year! Make sure to maintain a good relationship with your boyfriend/husband because it makes things easier to keep it going.

If you don't want to go the husband/boyfriend route, you can eventually use the Hook Up option that can be found under Love and sleep with random people. This is a bit more difficult, so it's up to you if you want to explore this option.

You should be able to keep going on like this until you reach all 26 kids with different names, but you might run into some complications. Kids cost you quite a bit of money and you might stop being able to have them. It's a good idea to try and have a husband who makes a lot of money or to go down a career path that will make you quite a bit of cash. This will allow you to use the Fertility option and hopefully will get you to the end of the challenge!

That should be everything you need to know about this challenge! You might need to try a couple of times, but once you got someone who is popping out kids each year, you should be able to make it to the end!

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  1. how to be a mother of 20 when you can’t have any more kids after 51

    1. Stops at 41 for me. I spent 30 minutes once trying to get pregnant between 41-50 with porking, sperm donors, and invitro… Nothing. 25 kids 10 times every time stops at 41 regardless of country or race and doesn’t say anything about being infertile. Before the challenge update could get pregnant at 13. So this wait till 16 crap is bull.

      1. I had my 27th child at 45.

    2. You can start having kids at like 18, so have one each year.

      1. Does the challenge automatically give you the badge or what?

        Have managed to create a character who, after hooking up with lots of people popped out 26 children. Have given them all a name starting with each letter, from A to Z.

        But hasn’t seemed to do anything so don’t know if I’ll get the badge.

        1. It should be automatic.