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Become the most powerful person in BitLife

Apart from becoming a Trillionaire, one of the most challenging objectives in BitLife is to become the President or Prime Minister of a country. To become one, you must own the Bitizenship membership and climb the ladder in the political space.

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How to get a Bitizenship in BitLife

Bitizenship is a premium membership in BitLife that provides multiple quality-of-life and gameplay features. Some of these include no ads, access to pet breeders, and running for the office. You can purchase the Bitizenship from the in-game store for $4.99.

How to get the Special Careers in BitLife

Along with the Bitizenship, you must own the Special Careers DLC. Purchase either the Politician part for $3.99 or the entire Special Careers DLC for $10. 

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What are the requirements to run for the President in BitLife?

Apart from owning a Bitizenship and Special Careers DLC, there are several requirements to run for the prestigious role. First and foremost, people expect the President or Prime Minister to be intelligent and charismatic. So, while creating your custom avatar, ensure they have a high Looks and Smart stat. You can reroll for such a character or customize a custom life if you own the God Mode DLC. Acquiring the stat at birth is not enough, as you also need to maintain both parameters by reading in the library, eating healthy, and visiting a spa or gym.  

The second requirement is to go to law school. So, after graduating high school, get a degree in Politics, English, or History. Immediately, apply for a law school and become a lawyer. During your entire college time, use the Work Harder option regularly to excel in all studies. 

Thirdly, you must be rich and famous to make your campaign easy. The best way to be rich and famous is to come from a Royal family. But, if you are running for a position in a country like the USA, that won't be applicable. So, it's better to become an athlete or pop star or run a business to earn money and popularity before moving toward the political space. Pursue this right after getting out of Law School. Also, you can further boost your fame meter by joining Social Media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. I highly recommend having at least $100 in your account during your run. 

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The final requirement is to have experience in holding lower positions in the government/political space. The best way is to take up the role of Junior Lawyer in a firm and climb the ladder in the federal space. Stay in the job for at least ten years before starting your political journey. You can do this after starting your business or becoming a pop star/athlete.

How to run for President in BitLife

If you are in this part of the article, I assume you have $100 million in your bank account, unlocked the fame parameter, and have at least multiple years of experience as a Lawyer. 

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Now, it's time to run for the School Board Director position. Head to the Special Careers section and click the School Board Director option. Pour more than $10,000 into the campaign and try to behave respectfully to your opponents before the election. Since you are already famous, you will be elected easily.

Now, it's time to improve your approval ratings, decide your policies, give speeches, conduct rallies, and fulfill your promises. Behave positively and do not take bribes. Ensure your approval rating stays above 80% by the end of your five-year term, making you a highly favorable candidate for the next election.

After the end of your term, run for the mayor election and use the maximum available budget for the campaign.

Repeat the same procedure to secure victory. Use the newly added Headlines option under your mayor tab and learn about the current situation in your city. Make any agenda, policy, or speeches based on that information to grow popular and increase your approval rating. Like your last election, ensure the ratings are above 90% before the end of your term. 

Meanwhile, it is also the best time to promote yourself on social media. Use Apps like TikTok and gain followers. Talk and post about politics and gain followers. By the time you are ready for the President's election, you should have 2 to 5 Million followers. Also, use the platform to promote products and earn cash. You will need lots of cash to win the election. So, any money is good money!

Simultaneously, maintain your health as you would face blood pressure and diabetic issues due to your age, as you would be in your early 40s by the time you finish your mayoral election. Visit the doctor if you are suffering from any health problems immediately. As suggested earlier, remember to meditate, work out, and eat healthy. If needed, visit a witch doctor to solve your problems.

Repeat the same procedure for the Governor election as well. Take appropriate actions and provide for the welfare of the state as governor. Maintain your approval rating above 90 at the end of your tenure.

Now, it's time to participate in the President or Prime Minister election. Use all the money in your account and pick a party depending on the current political scenario. I have got the most victorious using the Democratic party. So, I would suggest the same. Still, it's your call in the end. Start giving interviews on TV and write books using your Fame section. Behave appropriately like a President's candidate and answer diplomatically. If everything goes well, you will win the election and become the new President of your country!

Remember, throughout the process, never take bribes or involve yourself with the mafia. If caught, your overall PR will be a mess, and it will hamper your overall growth as a politician. So, please stay away from even simple stuff like hooking up, drinking, and other potential threats to your growth.

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BitLife – How to Become President or Prime Minister

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