BitLife How to Become President or Prime Minister

Now that politics has been added to the game, we're taking a look at how to become President in BitLife! If you've ever had thoughts of running for office, then you can get a nice primer for how it might go by giving it a try in BitLife. Being a politician can be a dirty game, so be prepared to engage in some underhanded tactics.

How do you become President?

To be the President in BitLife, you are first going to need to get Bitizenship. Yes, unfortunately you will have to pay $4.99 USD for the ability to become the leader of a country (you don't need to be a Bitizen to run for things like School Board Director, Mayor, or Governor). You will then need to run for office, which can be done from the School/Job window! You can either work hard for money, or you can take a bribe and fund your campaign to becoming president of your country!

Start a new life with high smarts and looks in the country you want to lead. If you want to become a President, then start in something like Mexico or the United States. You will then want to go through the years of studying hard in school, and going to the gym as much as possible to keep your looks up. Both of these will help you in the future, so they are worth trying to get as high as possible.

Once you graduate high school, you can go right into politics or go to University. You'll need some money, so it's probably best to go to college for something like Political Science, English, or History. You can then transfer from there into Business or Law school. This is particularly enticing if you've kept your smarts up because you should get a free ride the entire way. This way is beneficial because you're going to need some cash...

You need money because you will have to finance your own run for office. So, if you have more of it you will be able to throw more into the campaign! If you're trying to become President in the United States, you will need to wait until you are 35 years old before you run. If you're trying another country, you'll need to look up the rules for running in that particular area.

Start off running for School Board Director or the lowest political job in your country. You'll need some money to throw into your campaign, but this requires much less. So, try to gather up at least $10,000 and use that for your run. If you don't get on the ballot, then you can immediately exit the game and close it fully! This should allow you to recuperate your money. I've found that running a negative campaign seems to work the best, but you're welcome to try being more respectful. Once you get elected, make sure to observe your Approval Ratings. Base your Agenda hours on what needs to be increased. Check the Headlines and then make a Speech based on what is being mentioned in the newspapers. Your Agenda appears to be the most important part of upping your approval, so try to up the hours you spend on things. Monitor your Stress Level and try to keep it in orange.

You should join Social Media when you get a position, you're going to need to take advantage of Fame which will get you quite a bit of money to lead into your Presidential run! Make posts as much as you can, at least a few times a year. Once you do get fame, don't do any of the options available while elected because they can get you impeached. You can still post on Social Media, and try to get verified once you have at least over 10,000 followers.

Once you're done being a School Board Director, it's time to move up to Mayor. Do the same thing you did before and run out your term. You should now be a Famous Politician, which will give you the Fame bar. You will also hopefully have gathered up some Social Media influence. Try and make money with your Fame by doing Commercials and Writing Books. If you get your fame into the 90% area, you will start earning over a million dollars per commercial! Gather up at least in the five to eight million area before trying to become President.

If you've got enough money, go ahead and try to become President. If you aren't added to the ticket, then immediately close out the game and re-open it. You will hopefully be able to beat your opponent out by being underhanded, but it won't always work! This is mostly about luck, so give it a try and hope you get elected. Once you become President, you can do all the stuff you did previously to up your Approval Ratings.

That's everything for now, I might update this guide with additional tips since this release just came out. Hopefully it helped you become President. If you have any additional tricks, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Here is what I found works…it will take a few generations.

    Have your first character be a male, graduate HS and immediately look for a writing job. If there isn’t a writing job, then have them take the most lucrative job they can get, but check every year for a writing job (it shouldn’t take more than 5 years). Take the writing job, even if it is a paycut. Every year, “work harder” (in the employment tab) until you become a famous author. Try as hard as you can to maximize your fame and stay famous for as long as you can. After about 10-15 years of being a famous author, start checking the jobs tab. There will be a writer job making between 900k-1mil. Take that job and keep it for the rest of your life. *Do not retire* When you are around 65 years old, start dating a 20-something female. Have as many kids as you can, but leave everything to the youngest male child. If you do not retire and live into your 90s, you can reach a yearly salary of over 20 million. You can easily bank 100 mil-plus.

    When you die, start playing as the youngest male. The Government will have taken a big cut in taxes, but it’s fine. Run the same process over again.

    If you do that for 2-3 generations, you can easily accumulate 400 mil-plus.

    Then comes the golden child. Keep that child in the gym and making good grades. Have them study history/political science at the university and then go to law school. Also, have them sign up for FB/TW/TT/IG/YT at a young age to build up subscribers, but do not ask to be verified yet. As soon as they graduate law school, have them run for school board (10k will be a drop in the bucket), then mayor, then governor. Your money will be such a huge advantage. After serving as governor for 2 terms, you will be a famous politician. Work on getting your fame meter to 100%. Do the books/photoshoots/ads, but also this is when you ask to be verified, because verification boosts fame pretty quickly. Once you are at 100% with 90%+ in looks and smarts, run for president. Drop 100-200 million on the race and answer the questions correctly. You’ll win.

    It took me a lot of tries to figure this out. You will not win the presidency without a ton of money and a 100% fame meter.

  2. I had perfect in all stats, put $100 million in the campaign, full fame but still lost after trying 10 times

  3. I love this game so much I play it like everyday a few months ago i paid $4.99 for all the updates an for no adds it dosen’t popup any more i love that but i was hoping to know more about if there are going to have any more updates on this game

    1. How do I run for stuff? I have done everything in this guide, but I can’t seem to find where you run for stuff do I require a specific job that won’t appear in my catalog or something?

      1. Are you on Android? It might not be available for it yet.

    2. There’s an update every couple weeks usually.

  4. I put only $180,000 in my campaign and won, it is all about answering the questions correctly.

  5. I can not win the presidential run.
    I tried everything
    Can i get some help?

  6. How Do We Run Out Of Term?

    1. Each political appointment has a certain amount of years that you remain in office, you just need to age up until you complete it.

      1. thanks pal

  7. I have done everything on this guide, I was putting 15-20 mil on each presidential campaign and my fame was at 100% on at least 3 of my campaigns and looks always 100% but I lose every single presidential campaign, I’ve done about 8 now

    1. It’s just luck at that point unfortunately. If you’re putting over 5 million or so into a campaign then there’s no real reason you should lose other than luck!

  8. i’ve tried like 15 times to become president and it’s not working. am i doing something wrong ?

    1. You might be doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what you’ve been doing!

  9. Every time I do something with fame (Advertisement, Writing a Book, Going in Talk show, or Photo shoot) While governor or president, I get forced out of office for “misconduct”

    1. You have to wait until you’ve done your full term to do those things.

      1. Where can I see this?

        1. You will be alerted when you term is up. The prompt will ask you if you want to run for reelection.

          1. No, I mean, where can I read newspaper and do commercials? Because I can’t see any tab regarding this one.

          2. The newspaper can be found when you go to the Job area and click on your current political office at the top where performance is listed. Commercials are only available in activities when you’ve gained the Fame bar. They will be under an option called Fame.

  10. What is the best choice for political allegations?

    1. I don’t think it matters!

  11. Is this iOS only?

    1. Yes, iOS only at the moment.