BitLife Vampire Challenge Guide – How to Impale & Bite People

The BitLife Vampire Challenge is now in the game and we're going to take a look at how to complete it with our guide! You're going to need to live or emigrate to Romania, manage to get to 100 years old, own a 100+ year old haunted house, bite people, and then impale them as well. We'll teach you how to do all of these things below!

BitLife Vampire Challenge Rules

Let's take a quick look at the rules for the Vampire challenge:

  • Live in or emigrate to Romania
  • Live to the age of 100
  • Own a 100+ year old haunted house
  • Bite 3 people
  • Impale 3 people

Vampire Challenge Guide

Some of these requirements aren't too difficult, but others are going to require some luck! When you start your character, look for a high health and happiness level to begin with. You want to make sure you don't contract any diseases in your youth. Smarts are helpful as well, because you are going to need some money to purchase the haunted house. I would also make sure you have a brother or sister when you're young because they are just about the only people you can bite unless you go to prison!

Live in or emigrate to Romania

It's likely safest to start in another country rather than live in Romania originally. The reason for this is because there's a large chance you might end up in jail and have to escape. If you can escape jail, you will need to emigrate away to avoid being caught again. So, starting elsewhere will allow you to later emigrate to Romania. If you don't get caught, you can just emigrate there anyway so it's not a big deal.

Live to the age of 100

The most important part of this is to keep your happiness and health levels as high as you possibly can. If you get a sickness, immediately head to the doctor. Hit the Gym, Meditate, and go for Walks every year to maintain your health. You can also go on a healthy diet later in life to keep yourself from losing to much of your Health numbers.

Own a 100+ year old haunted house

You'll need to be making at least some decent money to purchase a house. So, make sure to head to college or take up a career that can get you paid pretty well. Once you're of age, head to the Assets menu option and select Go Shopping. Go to the realtor options and look for a haunted house. Find one that is either very close to 100 years old or one that is over. If you can't find one, you'll need to age a year and look again. Purchase the house or get a mortgage to complete this objective!

Bite 3 people

You'll want to try and do this when you're younger. You need to hope that you have some brothers or sisters, because they are the easiest to bite. Select one of them and then hit the Rumble option. You will usually have the ability to select bite, if not then close BitLife fully and re-open it. If you do this it will make it so you never engaged in the action. Once you find the Bite option, pick a location that isn't going to permanently hurt the person (toes, fingers, hips, etc). Make sure you do this while you are young because people will call the cops on you if you're older!

If you don't have a brother or sister you might need to head on into jail. You can fight/rumble with prisoners in the yard which you can then bite! I was able to do this after I was aged 100 and had completed all my impale murders.

Missed bites do not count, it only will count if you actually deal some damage! If you miss you can close and re-open just like you did if the bite option isn't available.

Impale 3 people

If you want to impale someone, then you're going to need to go to the Crime and then Murder option under Activities. Look for the "Impale Them" method, if you don't see it back out to the main screen and try again. The method options will refresh if you go to the main screen.

Once you are able to find the impale option, pick your victim and go through with it. If you succeed and no one calls the police/you don't get caught, then continue on. IF they call the police or you get caught, you can immediately close BitLife completely and re-open it. You will be able to then try to murder again and won't be in jail. If you do end up in jail, you can check out our how to escape jail guide for tips!

This will likely take you a while because you will often not get the kill, be killed yourself, or get caught. Don't lose hope though, after enough attempts you will get away with it. Keep in mind that even after you've committed the murders and gotten away, you can still possibly get arrested later in life. Be ready to close the application and re-open after every age up!

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  1. You can also bite a classmate who starts an argument

  2. High stat on all blocks helped me achieved the challenge, also knowing martial arts is always helpful. My character was born in Transylvania and there you can have colour belts for studying martial arts for free while you are a teenager. Being smart is good because you can gain money but limit the the chances to get caught too. The character studied psychology and after medicine and became a doctor (that was a boost to earn much money), I don’t know if that helped to achieve the impale part as well. I achieved most of the bites while adult (One at work and two of them at clubs, making sure that always had enough money if they call the police at me). Impaling random people is a good chance as well, including a random tree hugger or whatever. Make sure not being a random police officer or bodyguard cause your character might die. Last maintaining the house and having good health was a bit hard for me cause the house was heavily hunted but 100+ years old so had to visit doctors and exercise body & mind. That’s all from me 110 on charts for this challenge