BitLife Ribbons List Guide – How to Get All of The Ribbons!

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Our BitLife Ribbons List Guide will walk you through the process of obtaining all of the Ribbons in the game! There are now 40 Ribbons you can get with a more recent update, and we'll explain how you get each one of these!

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Ribbons are handed out when you complete a full life in BitLife. The Ribbon is visible over your gravestone once you've completed one life. You can also check if you completed a Ribbon by finding the Ribbons tab under the Main Menu.

BitLife Academic Ribbon

To get the Academic Ribbon in BitLife, you will want to focus as much on school as possible. Study hard when you enter college. After getting enrolled in college:

  • Keep studying each year.
  • Graduate from college and go to graduate school.
  • Go for a job at a school, whether it's a teacher or an assistant principal.

Stay at that job and go to the library every once in a while to keep up with your bookishness. You actually don't have to go for an education-based job, but it is the safer way to do it. Just make sure not to go into a position that will make you earn too much money. Nursing is a solid option, just keep under one million cash in the bank!

BitLife Addict Ribbon

To get the Addict Ribbon in BitLife, you will need to hit the blackjack tables and bet on the ponies. Do that until you get an addiction for each and don't go to rehab. If you are offered any drugs, be sure to take them up on that offer! Make sure not to gain too much money gambling or you might get a Ribbon you didn't want!

Avoid going to the club too much or you might end up getting the Rowdy Ribbon instead. You will also want to keep your health relatively low, so you can die pretty quickly after you've got your addictions.

BitLife Bandit Ribbon

To earn the Bandit Ribbon, you will need to rob a train. Robbing a train requires that you do it at the exact time listed in real life as the time you pick in the game. We recommend picking the following times as they are the easiest.

  • 12:00pm
  • 4:20pm
  • 12:00am

That said, pick one of the times listed above and rob the train once your phone clock clicks over to it. After robbing the train, you will unlock the Bandit Ribbon in BitLife.

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BitLife Barbie Girl Ribbon

To get the Barbie Girl Ribbon in BitLife, start your life as a female, and get through High School as normal. You will need to get plastic surgery many times throughout your life. Do so every couple of years while maintaining a job that won't pay you too much.

You can also do all types of plastic surgery except Gender Reassignment because you need to be a female to obtain the Ribbon. Continue with this process until your later years and die normally to obtain the Ribbon.

BitLife Big Boss Ribbon

To get the Big Boss Ribbon in BitLife, you must become a CEO of a company. Start by graduating high school and majoring in something that is business-related at University (Mathematics, Finance, Information Systems, etc). Go to business school after you graduate from University, and once you graduate from there, get a job in a corporate-related field.

Work hard every year to get promotions using the Work Harder options, and you should eventually become CEO. You will need to have a net worth of over 20 million to obtain the Ribbon.

BitLife Cat Lady Ribbon

To get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife, start off as a Female Bitizen and focus on adopting as many cats as you can.

When adopting cats, take care of them by spending time with them and all the other options. You will also want to largely ignore all of your other responsibilities and only spend time with your feline friends.

This one is a lot easier if you're a Bitizen (costs $4.99 USD) because you can adopt from the Cat Breeder instead of the Animal Shelter. You'll want to purchase a house that has at least four or six rooms because this will allow you to keep more cats.

You'll need to own at least 30 cats over your life while making sure not to have owned over five pets of another species.

BitLife Cunning Ribbon

To obtain the Cunning Ribbon in BitLife, you will want to go to prison and then change your gender. Make enough money for the surgery, and then commit the crime. You then need to successfully escape from jail! After that, you will need to have sex-change surgery.

Once you've done that, you can (optionally) emigrate to a new country to make it harder for you to be caught again. That doesn't always work, but you can still get the Ribbon, you just need to not get caught again.

If you're on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and you get caught, you can close the app and relaunch it to make it, so you weren't caught.

BitLife Deadly Ribbon

To get the Deadly Ribbon in BitLife, you will have to commit multiple murders (at least five) in your lifetime.

Clubbing Them and doing a Drive-By are typically the most likely to work without getting you caught, so be sure to get your Driving license! If you get sent to jail, you can escape to go back on your murder spree. Check out this guide on how to escape from prison.

BitLife Family Guy Ribbon

To get the Family Guy Ribbon in BitLife, start off as a male and hopefully be born into a relatively small family.

Get yourself hitched and have at least a couple of kids, but three might be better. Make sure to keep their happiness bars as high as possible throughout your life by spending time, gifting, and complimenting them. Make sure not to earn too much money, otherwise, you can easily get another Ribbon. Avoid having too many kids or you can end up with the Fertile Ribbon.

BitLife Famous Ribbon

To get the Famous Ribbon in BitLife, create a character with the goal of becoming one of the following jobs.

  • Royal
  • Actor
  • Movie Star
  • Writer
  • Athlete
  • Youtuber
  • Social Media Star

Getting one of the jobs above will eventually get you famous as you age. However, a faster way to become famous is to post a lot on social media and gain a huge following.

Once you gain a huge following, the next step is to become one of the jobs we listed above. Combine a large social media following and one of those jobs like an actor, and you will become famous and get the Famous Ribbon in BitLife.

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BitLife Fertile Ribbon

To get the Fertile Ribbon in BitLife, you need to have at least four or more children and make sure you don't do too much else with your life other than being a halfway decent mother! You can also donate sperm to get even more kids, which should put you over the top.

BitLife Generous Ribbon

To get the Generous Ribbon in BitLife, you need to start early by getting a part-time job and gifting people small stuff, to begin with. We recommend going with one gift per family member in the early stage of your life. Get a pretty good job, so you can buy bigger gifts.

Once you graduate from high school, you should probably head to University to get a better-paying gig. Now, get your job and earn some money. After gaining money, we recommend purchasing a good car every five years or so and gifting it to someone. You can also buy a few houses over the years that are in good shape and gift those as well.

After you've gifted at least a few cars and a couple of houses under your belt, you should be able to obtain the Ribbon.

How to get the Geriatric Ribbon in BitLife

To get the Geriatric Ribbon in BitLife, you'll need to live into your 100s. Start by going to the doctor if you have any illnesses. If your health is low and you don't have an ailment, then consult an alternative doctor. Also, consider hitting the gym, eating healthy, and keeping your happiness up.

Make sure to go on vacations, you'll need to keep yourself happy! Do all of this and you will get the Geriatric Ribbon in BitLife.

BitLife Globetrotter Ribbon

To get the Globetrotter Ribbon in BitLife, you need to emigrate a bunch and take a bunch of vacations. You'll also need to make money to accomplish this, just make sure you don't make too much or you will get the wrong Ribbon.

BitLife Gold Digger Ribbon

To get the Gold Digger Ribbon in BitLife, you will need to marry people with a lot of money. Alongside marrying rich folks, you will need to wait for them to die and for you to inherit the spoils!

You also can't ever have a job, so to make a bit of side money, do some Freelance Gigs, which will get you enough cash to use the Dating App.

Make sure your character has high looks, so you can attract people easily. Now, go to the dating app, and put the desired age at 80+ and the desired income as $136,000+! Look for someone with a maxed-out Money stat. Once you've got someone on the hook who is rich enough, you will want to get married without a prenuptial agreement. Getting eloped is one way to accomplish this, but it isn't always an option. If they won't get eloped or married without a prenup, then you'll just need to move on to the next one.

You will need to make at least 1.5 million dollars doing this, so you might need to do it twice. The second time will be easier because you should have enough money to make it so they won't want a prenup!

BitLife Hero Ribbon

To become earn the Hero Ribbon, you'll need to either become a doctor, nurse, or join the army. You'll need to make sure not to engage in any conflicts, but don't make too much cash and get the wrong Ribbon!

BitLife High Roller Ribbon

If you want the High Roller Ribbon in Bitlife, you need to make a bunch of cash through gambling. You'll need all that cash to make some big bets. Head to either the casino or the racetrack. I would recommend the casino because Blackjack is relatively simple to play and win. The racetrack is pure luck, but at cards, you can at least somewhat influence the outcome.

Bet big stacks at the tables, and attempt to rack up over one million dollars in winnings. Once you do, cease making money so you don't accidentally get the Rich Ribbon (five million).

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BitLIfe Houdini Ribbon

To get the Houdini Ribbon, you need to head to prison and then escape multiple times. We recommend continuing to repeat this process as many times as you can. You will also want to escape at least 10 or more times to make sure you've gotten it. Try to avoid sitting in jail for too long or you could end up with the Jailbird Ribbon.

BitLife Influencer Ribbon

To get the Influencer Ribbon, you will need to spend a ton of time on social media. Start by signing up for all of the social media accounts you can. After signing up, post multiple times each year, and you will likely go viral a few times.

You can also buy followers in the early stages, but don't do it a lot or you risk getting suspended briefly. That said, once you have over 100,000 followers on any account, make sure to get verified. Keep posting and you should eventually be able to make a career out of it. You will get the fame bar eventually if you get enough followers. If you need help getting followers, we recommend having your character have high looks.

BitLife Jailbird Ribbon

To get the Jailbird Ribbon in BitLife, you will need to stay the majority of a character's life in prison and die while in prison. Start by first getting to prison and then trying to escape. Escape about four to five times.

Once you have done this, head back to prison for the final time and just keep aging up until your character dies. Be careful not to escape too many times or you could get the Houdini Ribbon instead!

BitLife Lazy Ribbon

There's not much required to get the Lazy Ribbon in BitLife. Just keep hitting the age button over and over until you die. However, make sure that your smarts are above 10%, or you could end up with the Stupid Ribbon.

BitLife Loaded Ribbon

To get the Loaded Ribbon in BitLife, you need to earn over 20 million dollars. Getting 20 Million dollars requires you to be very successful, so studying and working hard is your best bet. Start by getting a scholarship and try to become a doctor. This is likely the easiest path to big money. You can also marry a rich person, gamble to gain money, get an inheritance from your parents, or attempt to win the lottery (you might as well try for this even if it's unlikely to win).

Another job that earns a lot of money is being an actor, so do that and work on your social media presence to gain a higher salary. You can also now pass down your money to the next generation after your initial character dies, so you'll have more time to earn the money.

BitLife Lustful Ribbon

To get the Lustful Ribbon in BitLife, you will want to sleep with as many people as possible. Start by heading to nightclubs and engage in as many one-night stands as possible.

You will also want to engage with at least 20+ partners to achieve this Ribbon. If you get an STD, make sure to have it cured. You'll also want to make sure not to go to the club over 10 or so times because you could end up with the Rowdy Ribbon.

BitLife Mediocre Ribbon

To get the Mediocre Ribbon in BitLife, do a whole lot of nothing and live a boring life where. You might just end up running into this one while playing normally.

it's also not too hard to live a mediocre life in this game. In short, you'll want to at least get a job, because if not you'll get the Lazy Ribbon.

BitLife Model Ribbon

To get the Model Bitizen Ribbon, you will want to never drink or do any drugs. You will also want to have a good relationship with all of your family members. Don't do too much else, and make sure to do the right thing if any random events come up. You'll want to do the following things at least 10 times each:

  • Compliment People
  • Spend time with your children
  • Give Money to People in your relationships tab.

Additionally, you will also want to have a net worth of over $50,000 and have over 50% karma.

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BitLife Monopoly Ribbon

To get the Monopoly Ribbon in Bitlife, you have a couple of different options. You can become something like a Lawyer or a Doctor. Another option is to make money and buy houses. After buying the houses, you'll want to hold on to them for five or so years and then sell them for a profit. You can also become an Exorcist, then buy haunted houses, get rid of the ghosts, and sell them for a pretty good profit.

Either way, you want to just buy and sell houses a lot until your character dies. You can either buy houses that are in good shape, or you can buy dumpy houses and renovate them. It doesn't really seem to matter, as long as you just sell houses for a profit. I found that about five years of owning a house will get you a pretty good amount of additional money, so that's when you can sell.

Be careful because owning too many houses at a time will cost you money due to maintenance, and if you own too many, you might accidentally lose all your bank account money paying for them!

BitLife Mooch Ribbon

To get the Mooch Ribbon, you will want to hit up all of your family members for as much cash as possible. This also includes your significant other as well, so just make sure to continually try to live off of your loved ones, and you won't have any problems getting this Ribbon in BitLife.

BitLife Movie Buff Ribbon

In short, to get the Movie Buff Ribbon in BitLife, just watch a whole lot of movies each year. Don't do anything else notable and live long enough to watch at least 20 movies in total. Once you've watched above 20, you can go to the Witch Doctor to kill your character!

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BitLife Rich Ribbon

To get the Rich Ribbon in Bitlife, you just need to have a net worth of 2.5 million dollars at the end of your life. This is pretty easy to achieve if you study hard academically, go to college, and then head to a high-paying career. Don't go over 20 million dollars net worth, or you can end up with the Loaded Ribbon.

BitLife Rowdy Ribbon

To get the Rowdy Ribbon, head to the clubs and argue with as many people as possible. You don't need to beat people up because that's an easy way to head to prison. Make sure you go to the club at least 10 times, you can also throw house parties to argue with your neighbors.

BitLife Scandalous Ribbon

You need to get into fights and spend some time in jail to get the Scandalous Ribbon. Just don't spend too much time there, but keep being aggressive throughout your life and you should achieve this Ribbon.

BitLife Stupid Ribbon

To get the Stupid Ribbon, drop out of school, and don't ever read a book. Also, make stupid decisions like unsafe sexual relations, and pick the worst choice when confronted with any event. You will also need to die with under 10% smarts to receive this Ribbon.

BitLife Succesful Ribbon

Getting the Succesful Ribbon in BitLife is all about having a good life, but not too good of a life. Get married, have some kids, get a decent job, but don't make too much money, and run into some of the money-based Ribbons. Don't exceed 2.5 million dollar net worth or you will get a different Ribbon.

BitLife Tarzan Ribbon

To get the Tarzan Ribbon, you will need to be a male millionaire and own 20 exotic pets throughout your life.

Unfortunately, you will be required to have Bitizenship to be able to purchase those pets. You do not have access to the Exotic Pet Dealer if you don't pay for Bitizenship.

BitLife Teammate Ribbon

To obtain the Teammate Ribbon in BitLife you'll need to become an app developer with BitLife. When you create your Bitizen, make sure you start them in the United States and in Miami. You'll need to hit the books, study hard, and head to the library in your early years. Go to college and select Computer Science as your major.

Once you graduate you should be able to take up a job as an app developer. This just happens to be where BitLife is made! You can even get fired from the job, but as long as you held it at some point, you should get the ribbon! You can also now be born in Tucson and become an App Developer, Tester, or Mogul to receive this one.

BitLife Thief Ribbon

To get the Thief Ribbon in BitLife, you will need to pickpocket at least one person, steal a car, and burgle at least one house. You will want your amount of thefts to be over 10 and to try and make the majority of your money by thievery.

You don't need to avoid jail, but you do need to make sure you don't spend over five years there so you can avoid obtaining the Scandalous Ribbon.

BitLife Unlucky Ribbon

Getting the Unlucky Ribbon in BitLife is based on random chance. Sometimes your character will just die early in life. If that happens, you will obtain the unlucky Ribbon!

BitLife Veteran Ribbon

To get the Veteran Ribbon in BitLife, you will need to go into the military as an enlistee or officer, which requires you to go to University. After that, you will need to deploy at least three times successfully. Reach the highest ranking for that country's military, and then reach retirement age to obtain the Ribbon.

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BitLife Wasteful Ribbon

To get the wasteful Ribbon is extremely easy in BitLife. All you need to do is start a game and before you do anything, head to activities and then surrender. That's it, just give up your life, and you get the wasteful Ribbon.

BitLife Wicked Ribbon

To get the Wicked Ribbon in BitLife, you will need to attempt a bunch of threesomes. Start by having a partner who has a high crazy stat. When you get someone who is crazy, you can start going to nightclubs and attempt to convince people to engage in some threesomes with you and your partner.

Another method is to simply ask your partner to have a threesome via their Relationship tab. That said, for this Ribbon, you'll want to largely avoid any one-night stands and just focus on the threesomes.

If you aren't earning it that way, you'll also want to spread STDs and abandon children and pets. Do these as much as possible for the best results at getting the Wicked Ribbon in BitLife.

Tips for getting Ribbons in BitLife

The key to getting some of these Ribbons in BitLife is that you need to make sure not to excel or do too much in other parts of your life. The big one is making too much money, which can cause you to get some of the cash-based Ribbons.

Another tip for these is to keep your health relatively poor. You'll want your Bitizen to croak as quickly as possible, so you don't accidentally gain another Ribbon. This isn't always advised, some of the Ribbons require you to be further along in your life.

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BitLife Ribbons List Guide – How to Get All of The Ribbons!

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