BitLife Ribbons List Guide – How-to Get All of The Ribbons!

We're taking a look at how to obtain all of the banners in BitLife!

Our BitLife Ribbons List Guide will walk you through the process of obtaining all of the ribbons in the game! There are now 30 ribbons you can get with a more recent update, and we'll explain how you get each one of these!

Ribbons are handed out when you complete a full life in BitLife. The ribbon is visible over your gravestone once you've completed a life, and you can always check which ones you've earned in the main menu under cemetery. There are currently 30 of them you can earn, and they have you engaging in a bunch of different activities and jobs throughout the various lives you will have to live. Some of them are a bit more difficult than others, but they are fun to try to collect.

BitLife Ribbons List

The key to get some of these Ribbons in BitLife is that you need to make sure not to excel or do too much in other parts of your life. The big one is making too much money, this can cause you to get some of the cash based Ribbons.

Another tip for these is to keep your health relatively poor. You'll want your Bitizen to croak as quickly as possible so you don't accidentally gain another Ribbon. This isn't always advised, some of the Ribbons require you to be further along in your life.


You'll want to focus as much on school as possible. Study hard when you enter, go to college, keep studying each year, graduate from college and go to graduate school, then go for a job at a school whether it's a teacher or an assistant principal. Stay at that job and go to the library every once in a while to keep up with your bookishness!

You actually don't have to go for an education based job, but it is the safer way to do it. Just make sure not to go into a position that will make you earn too much money. Nursing is a solid option, just keep under one million cash in the bank!


For this one you are going to need to hit the blackjack tables and bet on the ponies. Do that until you get an addiction for each and don't go to rehab. If you are offered any drugs, be sure to take them up on that offer! Make sure not to gain too much money gambling or you might get a ribbon you didn't want! Avoid going to the club too much or you might end up getting the Rowdy ribbon instead. You will also want to make sure to keep your health relatively low so you can die pretty quickly after you've got your addictions.

Cat Lady

Start off as a female Bitizen! Focus on adopting as many cats as you can and make sure to take care of them by spending time with them and all the other options. Largely ignore all of your other responsibilities and only spend time with your feline friends. This one is a lot easier if you're a Bitizen (costs $4.99 USD), because you can adopt from the Cat Breeder instead of the Animal Shelter. You'll want to purchase a house that has at least 4 - 6 rooms, because this will allow you to keep more cats. You'll need to own at least 30 cats over your life, while making sure not to have owned over 5 pets of another species.

Check out a bit more detailed explanation with our Cat Lady Ribbon Guide.


To obtain the cunning ribbon, you will want to commit a crime and get sent to prison. First, you'll need to find out how much a sex change operation is in your country. Make enough money to cover that, and then commit the crime. You then need to successfully escape from jail! After that, you will need to have the sex change surgery. Once you've done that, you can (optionally) emigrate to a new country to make it harder for you to be caught again. That doesn't always work, but you can still get the ribbon, you just need to not get caught again. If you're on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and you get caught, you can close the app and relaunch it which will make it so you weren't caught. Live your life until the end and you should get the Cunning ribbon!

Check out a bit more detailed explanation with our Cunning Ribbon Guide.


This one is somewhat similar to the cunning ribbon, but you have to commit multiple murders (at least five) in your lifetime. Clubbing Them and doing a Drive-By are typically the most likely to work without you getting caught, so be sure to get your license! If you get sent to jail, you can escape so you can go back on your murder spree. Check out this guide on how to escape from prison.

Family Guy

Start off as a male, and hopefully be born into a relatively small family. Get yourself hitched and have at least a couple of kids, but three might be better. Make sure to keep their happiness bars as high as possible throughout your life. Make sure not to earn too much money, otherwise you can easily get another ribbon. Avoid having too many kids or you can end up with the Fertile ribbon.


It's time to find yourself a job in the entertainment industry. You can being an actor or go down a path that is a bit more risque! You can also gain this ribbon by posting a lot on social media and gaining a big following. You can now become a singer, model, chef, or writer as well of being an actor. Here's a guide about how-to gain fame in BitLife.


You need to pop out quite a few kids to gain the fertile ribbon. Have at least four children, and make sure you don't do too much else with your life other than be a halfway decent mother! You can also donate sperm to get even more kids that should put you over the top.


You'll need to live into your 100s to get this ribbon. Go to the doctor if you have any illnesses, if your health is low and you don't have an ailment then head to the alternative doctor. Hit the gym, get acupuncture, and keep your happiness up. Make sure to go on vacations, you'll need to keep yourself happy!


It's time to travel around the globe to get this ribbon. You'll need to emigrate a bunch of time, and take a bunch of vacations. You'll need to make money to accomplish this, just make sure you don't make too much and get the wrong ribbon.


To become a hero you'll need to either become a doctor, nurse, or join the army. You'll need to make sure not to engage in any conflicts, but also don't make too much cash and get the wrong ribbon!

High Roller

You need to make a bunch of cash early on to get this ribbon. You'll need all that cash to make some big bets. Head to either the casino or the racetrack. I would recommend the casino, because Blackjack is relatively simple to play and win. The racetrack is pure luck, but at cards you can at least somewhat influence the outcome. Bet big stacks at the tables, and attempt to rack up over one million dollars in winnings. Once you do, cease making money so you don't accidentally get the Rich ribbon (five million).


This one requires you to head to prison and then escape, but then to do it again and again. You'll want to just continue to repeat this process as many times as you can. You will want to escape at least 10 or more times to make sure you've gotten it. Try to avoid sitting in jail for too long or you could end up with the Jailbird ribbon.

If you are struggling to evade capture, then check out our BitLife How-to Escape Prison Guide!


The jailbird ribbon is for players who stay the majority of their life in prison and then die there. When you get to prison, you'll want to escape! You need to go in and out of prison at least 4 - 5 times. Once you've done this, you can just go back to prison for the final time and just keep aging up until you perish. Be careful not to escape too many times or you could get the Houdini ribbon instead!


Not much to this one other than just hitting the age button over and over until you die! Make sure that your smarts are above 10% or you could end up with the Stupid ribbon.


Loaded requires you to earn over 20 million dollars! You'll need to be very successful, so studying up and working hard in school is the easiest path for this. Get a scholarship and try to become a doctor. This is likely the easiest path to big money. You can also marry a rich person, gamble to gain money, get an inheritance from your parents, or attempt to win the lottery (you might as well try for this even if it's unlikely to win). Another job that earns a lot of money is being an actor, so do that and work on your social media presence to gain a higher salary. You can also now pass down your money to the next generation after your initial character dies, so you'll have more time to earn the money.


For Lustful you'll want to hook up with people as much as possible. Make sure this is your focus, head to the nightclubs and engage in as many one-night stands as possible. You'll want to engage with at least around 20+ partners to achieve this ribbon. If you get a STD, make sure to have it cured. You'll also want to make sure not to go to the club over 10 or so times because you could end up with the Rowdy ribbon.


Do a whole lot of nothing and live a boring life where you don't accomplish or do much. You might just end up running into this one while playing normally, it's not too hard to live a mediocre life in this game. You'll want to at least get a job, because if not you'll get the Lazy ribbon.

Model Bitizen

Never drink or do any drugs, and make sure to heave a good relationship with each and every family member. Don't do too much else, and make sure to do the right thing if any random events comes up. You'll want to following things at least 10 times each: compliment people, spend time with your children, and give money to people in your relationships tab. You'll also want to have a net worth of over $50,000 and have over 50% karma.


Hit up all of your family members for as much cash as possible! Do this with your significant other as well, just make sure to continually try to live off of your loved ones.


You'll just need to have a net worth of 2.5 million at the end of your life. This is pretty easy to achieve if you study hard academically, go to college, and then head to a high paying career. Don't go over 20 million net work or you can end up with the Loaded ribbon.


Head to the clubs and argue with as many people as possible. You don't need to beat people up, because that's an easy way to head to prison. Make sure you go to the club at least 10 times, you can also throw house parties to argue with your neighbors.


Rather than just being argumentative like the Rowdy ribbon, the Scandalous ribbon requires you to get into fights and spend sometime in jail. Just don't spend too much time there, but keep being aggressive throughout your life and you should achieve this badge.


Drop out of school, and don't ever read a book! Make stupid decisions like unsafe sexual relations, and pick the worst choice when confronted with any event. You will need to die with under 10% smarts to receive this ribbon.

Check out a bit more detailed explanation with our Stupid Ribbon Guide.


This one is all about having a good life, but not TOO good of a life. Get married, have some kids, get a decent job, but don't make too much money and run into some of the money based ribbons. Don't exceed 2.5 million net work or you'll get a different ribbon.


To obtain the teammate ribbon, you'll need to become an app developer with BitLife. When you create your Bitizen, make sure you start them in the United States and in Miami. You'll need to hit the books, study hard, and head to the library in your early years. Go to college and select Computer Science as your major, and once you graduate you should be able to take up a job as an app developer. This just happens to be where BitLife is made!

You can even get fired from the job, but as long as you held it at some point, you should get the ribbon! You can also now be born in Tucson and become an App Developer, Tester, or Mogul to receive this one.


To get the Thief ribbon you will need to pickpocket at least one person, steal a car, and burgle at least one house! You will want your amount of thefts to be over 10 and to try and make the majority of your money by thievery. You don't need to avoid jail, but you do need to make sure you don't spend over 5 years there so you can avoid obtaining the Scandalous ribbon.


This one is pretty much random chance, sometimes your character will just die early in life. If that happens, you will obtain the unlucky ribbon!


The wasteful ribbon is extremely easy to get, all you need to do is start a game and before you do anything head to activities and then surrender. That's it, just give up your life and you get the wasteful ribbon.


This one has you attempting a bunch of threesomes! You will need a partner who has a high crazy stat, and then you can head to the nightclub and attempt to convince people to engage in some three way action with you and your partner. You'll want to largely avoid any one night stands, and just focus on the threesomes. If you aren't earning it that way, you'll also want to spread STDs, abandon children, and/or pets. Do these as much as possible.

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  1. Hi, I just got the teammate ribbon but then it got rid of my already existing ribbons. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m annoyed because I was halfway to all 30 ribbons.

  2. A while ago my belts reset, and I was trying to get the ‘Cunning’ ribbon. I never worked though, and made around 60k with car theft, burglary, pickpocketing and begging my parents for money (I got $2 from them in total, so that doesn’t matter) I was once caught for car theft, but somehow the public defender proved me not guilty. I eventually got killed by someone I pickpocketed and got the Thief ribbon…

  3. can i have extra tips on getting cat lady while not being a bitizen cause that’s the last one i need and i really want all of them and can i get tips on getting the mystery ones too

  4. Im trying to get the addict ribbon and im wondering how many times you exactly need to gamble and go to the horse races?

  5. I literally emigrated 20+ times and went on 20+ vacations and lived until 100 and I didn’t get the globetrotter ribbon, I got the mediocre.

      1. I tried to get Stupid. I drop off school. I didn’t read. I did LOTS of night stands. But then I got Wicked so that was a huge lie on Wicked

        1. You should start out with a really stupid person, it helps. And just doing threesomes or stands shouldn’t be the focus. Just make the stupidest decisions.

    1. If you don’t want hero:
      Don’t join the military
      Always call the police instead of saving the person

      I like joining the the military and make the same mistake a lot.

    1. I once got the deadly ribbon for killing 15 people if you include the 3 people who were in my family. Hope that helps you!

  6. Your supposed to get $100,000,000 to get the loaded ribbon. I got this ribbon by going to the casino multiple times and betting a lot of money and if you loose exit the game completely ( quickly ) and go back again -this helps to prevent you from loosing any money I’m an Android user and it got me that ribbon hope this helps.

  7. So my Wi-Fi was horrible for a couple of days and ALL my ribbons reset.😡 I don’t know why but it’s fine I’ll live with it.

      1. I got Lustful by having over like 100 lovers. I think you have to be careful with the STDs and using a condom, cuz then you could accidentally get wicked

  8. hey everyone quick tip: to get the wicked ribbon, another way to do it is to get STDs on purpose and then have a bunch of one night stands without condoms, effectively giving everyone you have intercourse with STDs. i did this and it worked out perfectly.

      1. I got the hero because I saved a stranger from a gorilla who ended up decapitation me with a gorilla punch.

    1. Try and do one night stands and dating app that worked for me also when you first get love option at the early age try and ask a bunch of people out that also helps

  9. Sureture way to get deadly ribbon:

    Start in Afghanistan
    Hook up with multiple people
    Buy a car
    Commit drive by’s on all exes
    If works correctly, you will never get caught


    1. were you trying to get hero or cat lady? because if you wanted hero it’s easier to just help out people or join the army

      1. To get Family Guy, it’s best to probably start off as a male just in case. You have to have a kinda average job, and all you do is focus on your family by keeping your relationship bars high, to the max is best. You can get lazy in the end and just click “spend time with them all” so you don’t have to go to each and every family member to keep their bars high. Try not to get too good of a job becuase you don’t want to be labeled Mediocre or Successful. Just center your life on family. It took me two triees to get it, but it will happen in the end.

      2. I got addict by maybe going to the club 3 times (don’t do it too much or you’ll get rowdy) and every time I was offered something I took it. Also got addicted to gambling (though I failed miserably cuz I don’t want rich or loaded). For the rest I had a normal job, maybe 1-2 hookups but no actual relationship, and forgot to buy a house (whoops)

    1. Try not to go to university/college. Just get a normal job (like trucker or hairdresser or something) and do your best to live long.

    1. yeah, you can get the hero badge by trying to save people or animals in random events. like trying to stop a robber or something and then dying in the process

  11. My BitLife is complete. Thanks for the guide, now I am a bitizen and have completed most of the ribbons. Just got unlucky and teammate. I’m going to Miami, baby!

  12. They are on iPhone, I’m on android too, iphone has a lot more options of stuff, sometimes it can work on android tho

  13. You can also get wicked by having kids and then abandoning them. My Bitlife had a bunch of one night stands, gave people chlamydia and had two kids she promptly abandoned at the age of 3.

  14. I tried to get fertility, not knowing how… so I had about a hundred one night stands, got gonnorhea, HIV, and Hep B, had 14 kids and 1 miscarriage, and eventually died at 60 of the bubonic plague. Yay! I got the wicked badge instead

    1. I did that for family guy. Had 27 kids, all at 100% and got wicked all because after he died he had one night stands and babies with random women.