Is there a New Game + in Blacktail?

Blacktail weaves a tale of magic, fantasy, and tragedy, all encompassed in a surreal world. The game chugs along linearly, and players are prompted to head to certain locations to further their progress. However, even after defeating every boss fight and completing all quests, the forests may still hold mysteries for you to find. This begs the […]

How to unlock skills in Blacktail

Blacktail follows the tragic origin story of Yaga, the infamous witch in the woods from Slavic mythology. We follow Yaga’s journey as she fights enemies, battles her own demons, and learns the art of witchcraft. Along the way, players can brew a plethora of skills using resources in the cauldron in Yaga’s Hut. However, before […]

How to defeat Peewee the Dragon in Blacktail

Blacktale takes us through the mystical origins of Baba Yaga, the witch in the woods from Slavic mythology. As you play along as a young Yaga trying to search for her missing sister, you will encounter a world filled with enemies, monsters, and hostile plants. There are also boss fights at the end of every […]

How to catch Fish in Blacktail

If you’ve been exploring the forests as Yaga in Blacktail, you will have seen fishing spots in various parts of the map. However, upon interacting with the spot, Yaga only says, “Fish,” and that she should get a fishing rod someday. Making Yaga repeat the same word repeatedly may make for a cool little Easter […]

How to unlock Hexes in Blacktail

Blacktail is a first-person action-adventure game where players can wield a bow and arrow as their only weapon. This might not sound like much, but when combined with the various new skills that brewing resources can unlock in the cauldron, Yaga can become a force to be reckoned with. Players will also unlock corresponding Hexes when unlocking […]