Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Build Guide (Level 72)

Our FL4K leveling build guide features the top skills to get you to max level quickly in Borderlands 3!

Our Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Build Guide features a complete step-by-step leveling guide, mainly focusing on your output of critical damage and aggro relief while keeping the early progression exciting and powerful. By the end of this build, you'll be using the action skill Fade Away in conjunction with many of the skills that amplify critical damage.

Fl4k is a very viable option for solo play! With a selection from three trustworthy companions (Skag, Jabber, Spiderant, or Loader Bot), a constant pet by your side will lessen the aggro from large groups of enemies, taking most of the pressure off of you.

FL4K is also one of the most glass cannon characters in the game. If you are playing out build then one of the most important aspects is making sure to have your Fade Away skill up at all times.

FL4K Full Fade Away Build (Level 72)

Although this build heavily leans on offensive skills, few of Fl4k's skills in this build compensate for the lack of survival with tons of HP regeneration and aggro relief. When facing a troubling enemy, just use Fade Away and hold down the trigger. After using your action skill, you'll be able to regain it in no time with cooldown reduction skills.

The following is the full build you will end up with, but it isn't how you should level it up initially. We've got a step-by-step guide below that features what skills you should have as you level your character!

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FL4K Leveling Build Guide

I will show you the complete build focused on Fade Away action skill and makes for a great solo build that can solo the entire content with the right equipment.

Image via Lootlemon

Early Game (Levels 2-16)

First of all, the most important thing is to play however you want. As long as you are having fun, you are doing it right, but if you want to get some inspiration and follow some pointers on where to put your Skill Points first, let's crack on with the early game of this specific FL4K build.

In the early game, enemies are not that big of a challenge. You can easily focus on pure damage dealing skills. FL4K has a lot of V1 damage skills (these are multiplicative damage bonuses). You can do well starting with the Green Stalker Tree to get your Fade Away action skill rolling. For the entire first and second playthrough, just pick up a pet that fits you. Every single one is useful; they just give different bonuses. Our go-to pet will be covered in the End Game section down below.

Skill Points:

  • Furious Attack (V1 damage boost)
  • Overclocked (Fire rate)

Then put some points into:

  • Eager To Impress (Action skill cooldown)
  • Lick The Wounds (Your pet revies you)

Skills and Augments:

  • Action Skill: Fade Away
  • Augment 1: Guerillas in The Mist

First Playthrough (Levels 17-39)

The next stage is probably near the end of your first playthrough as this character. You will focus on picking up the Capstone of the Stalker Skill Tree and start putting your points into the Hunter Skill Tree for some much-needed utility and additional damage boosts, including another V1 damage boost.

Skill Points:

  • Turn Tail and Run (Damage and survivability)
  • The Fast and the Furryous (Damage and pet boosts)
  • Capstone: The Power Inside (Huge damage boost after action skill activation)
  • Interplanetary Stalker (Great universal damage boost)
  • Leave No Trace (Ammo regen)
  • Head Count (More cooldown reduction)

Skills and Augments:

  • Augment 2: Unblinking Eye

True Vault Hunter Mode (Levels 40-54)

Next in line is our second playthrough called True Vault Hunter Mode. At the beginning of your normal playthrough, you should be around level 40, depending on how much you farm or how many side quests you finish. This time we will focus on maxing out our second Skill Tree, currently the Hunter Skill Tree. FL4K is all about his Hunter Kill Skills, which are the main focus of this tree, especially with the Big Game skill in play that enhances everything around it.

Skill Points:

  • Two points into Second Intention (Reload speed)
  • Hunter's Eye (Combat bonuses)
  • Big Game (Hunter Kill Skill buffs)
  • The Most Dangerous Game (Long term damage buff)
  • Galactic Shadow (Critical damage boost)
  • Capstone: Megavore (Automatic critical hits)

End Game (Levels 55-72)

The remaining 18 skill points can be distributed however you want.

To fit this build, I made some adjustments to put out the highest damage possible. I utilized some mechanics from blue Master Skill Tree with some great V1 damage boosts and the newest purple Trapper Skill Tree to get some more utility in reload speed.

The most interesting mechanic here is that we are using one skill (He Bites!) to proc another skill (Frenzy). Enemies that will target our pet will grant us a lot of additional damage.

Skill Points:

  • Max out Second Intention (Reload speed)
  • Persistance Hunter (Skill duration and damage)
  • One point into Ferocity to move down the skill tree
  • One point into Go For The Eyes! to move down the skill tree
  • One point into He Bites! (it allows our pet to proc another skill)
  • Max out Frenzy (Awesome V1 damage boost)
  • Four remaining points into Agility Training (Even more reload speed)

Skills and Augments:

Pet: Great Horned Skag (Damage + Gun Damage)

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Gear Suggestions

Last but not least, I wanted to write some of the best weapons, class mods, grenades, etc., that fit this specific build and will definitely help you out along the way.

  • Sniper Rifle: Skullmasher or Sandhawk
  • Assault Rifle: The Monarch or Clearvoyance
  • Pistol: Maggie or Light Show
  • Submachine Gun: D.N.A. or Torrent
  • Rocket Launcher: Plaguebearer or Hive
  • Shotgun: Hellwalker or The Butcher
  • Grenade Mod: Hunter-Seeker or It's Piss
  • Class Mod: Cosmic Stalker or Bounty Hunter
  • Artifact: The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge or Snowdrift Victory Rush
  • Shield: Re-Volter or Stop-Gap

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Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Build Guide (Level 72)

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  1. I would Take the King’s Call with Fire Damage for the Pistol, it’s perfect to use wile doing the Floating Tomb

  2. This article is great and helped me during playing fl4k, thank you for that? But what about above level 50? The current level cap is 72.

  3. This is really good. Thank you. However, your tiers are slightly off. For levels 34-38 you allocate 6 points, although there are only 5 to distribute. For levels 39-43 you allocate 4 points, when there are 5 available. So. for 34-38 you should say to put 3 points into overclocked. Then for 39-43 you should say to put one more point into overclocked, then continue with the rest of what you said for that tier.

    1. OOPS, nm, I was confusing your tiers.

  4. With Guerrillas in the Mist being nerfed, does this guide still hold up?

  5. Why on earth would you go for Megavore over The Power Inside (Stalker final point)?! Megavore gives you a 20% crit chance on none weak-points only, which means it’s worse the better you are at aiming for weakpoints, *and* gives you utterly zero value at all during Fade Away, the entire focus of this build. The Power Inside, on the other hand, gives you a 25-50% damage buff for (nearly) the entire 16s duration of Fade Away.

    Also, this is a build focused on critting and on using Fade Away, yet you didn’t max *either* of the two cooldown reduction skills (Eager to Impress (Stalker), which you have at 4/5, and Head Count (Hunter), which you have at 2/3). Max those out and Fade Away comes back that much faster, which means more time spent in your god-mode 100% crit +50% damage spree mode.

    Actually, same thing for Hidden Machine (also in Stalker). 5 points gets you +36% damage when you’re not being targeted, and during Fade Away, you’re by definition not being targeted. Instead of that, you opted for a mediocre fire rate skill and 2 points in one of the worst regen skills in the game (Rage and Recover, it only lasts 3 seconds on kill and only restores percent of *missing health*, not max health).

    Y’all are missing out on huge optimization opportunities for this build.

    1. Hey so, the ability is very useful for weapons with multiple pellets and what not so its not bad, also if you hip fire your weapons have a spray making it harder to hit vitals so it would help. it dosent take away your ability to hit headshots either.

    2. Do you have a picture of your skill tree you can send. I would like to test out your build instead of this one

    3. If your using megavore with a ricochet/ammo returned back to mag weapon like you should be combined with your return ammo on crit chance. All those bullets that ricochet and get crits also add into that. So when they ricochet hit random targets they have a higher chance to be a crit chance with MEgavore. So when I am firing my 60 capacity mag for lucian’s call and I go into fade. Just massive crits all around the screen my mag sits at 60 the duration then when I am out of it my crits everywhere they land reducing the cool down time of that fade means more fade more heavy damage. Plus on a good streak I never have to reload. Once I pop fade my ammo count starts climbing back to full. So better sustained damage over time rather than burst.

    4. Hi, so not sure if you’ll be able to help, was going to do this build as want to start playing but read your comment and now on the fence. Do you have a fl4k build as looking for something to use that’s really good for dmg and survivability

  6. In my experience, for solo play, investing into the Stalker tree first is way better, your damage will take a hit, but some bosses in this game don’t spawn many enemies for a Second Wind (Truant and Killavolt come to mind, not to mention Truant has a resistance to Fire and Cryo, if you don’t have good gear he might be hard to beat, let alone farm, and he is probably one of the best early farms).

    I’d spec into Stalker until you get Lick The Wounds and Turn Tail and Run, then fully focus on Hunter, and finish with the remaining Stalker skills, this way you get to use Fade Away earlier as you’d have unlocked the first two augments, making any Jakobs shotgun great for crowds and any Torgue shotgun or assault rifle great for single target damage, making you less reliant on legendary gear.

    1. actually there is a hidden buff w megavore i’ve tried the predator dps tank build from a different build website didn’t notice that much difference in dps etc ✌.

  7. Just hit level 46, found this and tried it out. In the great words of the Slab King himself, That. Was. Awesome! I’m using a spinnigun with overkill fire rate as is, and even in mayhem 3, I eat through badass fanatics within a second or two. Awesome guide, more or less what I had been doing with a few minor changes.

    1. So, what gear is recommended for this particular build? I haven’t had time to play much but the information would be greatly appreciated!

      1. Yea i would also like to know especially which class mods are recommended.