How to counter every Killstreak in Modern Warfare 2


Killstreaks have been a staple part of every Call of Duty multiplayer experience since the beginning, and in Modern Warfare 2, that is no different. These things can turn the tide of a match instantly, so it's important to know how to counter them. Here's a quick guide on how to beat every killstreak in Modern Warfare 2.

How to beat every Killstreak in Modern Warfare 2

For the sake of clarity, allow us to list each killstreak and their respective counters in the order provided in-game:

  • UAV - Easily shot down with practically any weapon. Use high-velocity ammo and weapons to make the process trivial. The Ghost perk also prevents you from appearing on the mini-map.
  • Bomb Drone - Can be shot and destroyed. Anti-vehicle rounds, such as an incendiary and anti-armor, make it very easy to take out. It has a massive explosive radius, so make sure you're not near it when it pops.
  • Counter UAV - Has all the same counters of a UAV. It spawns over the player's head when activated, so keep that in mind.
  • Cluster Mine - Can be shot and destroyed. Look for a cluster of red flashing lights on the ground. Use the Bomb Squad perk to survive a mine or two.
  • Care Package - Comes in from a map's skybox, so it can be seen from most angles. It can be stolen if you can reach it in time.
  • Precision Airstrike - There is no hard counter to this. However, it targets a small area, and the in-game announcer broadcasts when it has been activated, so plan accordingly.
  • Cruise Missile - Despite common knowledge, this can be blocked using a riot shield if the missile and its blast do not reach around it. Players typically target groups with this, so separate and get inside as soon as possible. In addition, Cold-Blooded prevents you from being seen by this streak.

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  • Mortar Strike - Targets a specified area on the map. The radius can be seen while it is active and firing, so just avoid it.
  • Sentry Gun - It is a turret, so avoid its line of sight or use Cold-Blooded to completely negate it. It cannot turn beyond a certain radius and is completely vulnerable from behind. On top of this, anti-vehicle rounds make short work of it.
  • SAE - While this has no direct counter, it relies heavily upon having an active UAV to utilize. So, Counter-UAV works as an indirect counter. It targets three specific areas on the map, and players will typically target key POIs(Points of Interest), such as capture points.
  • VTOL Jet - Does not actively become a threat until several seconds after it has been called in. It can be shot down before it can even fire a single shot with a high-capacity LMG using any variant of anti-armor rounds. Lock-on missiles work as well. Cold-Blooded completely prevents you from being targeted by it.
  • Overwatch Helo - Works pretty much the same way as a VTOL Jet. Moves a bit more often but can easily be shot down before it is a real threat using any variant of anti-armor rounds. Homing missiles work as well. Cold-Blooded completely prevents you from being targeted by it.
  • Wheelson-HS - This thing is effectively a miniature tank, so it requires a lot of concentrated fire to bring down. Use explosives and anti-armor rounds on an LMG to take it out.

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  • Stealth Bomber - There is no hard counter to this. It is never announced, so the only warning sign is the very specific, ominous rumble it makes as it approaches the battlefield. Get inside quick once you notice.
  • Chopper Gunner - Much like the VTOL Jet and Overwatch Helo, it can easily be shot down with anti-armor rounds and homing rockets. It becomes a threat much sooner than them but has the same counters otherwise. Cold-Blooded prevents you from being seen by this streak.
  • Emergency Airdrop - Has the exact same counters as the Care Package, only times three. It can be stolen if reached before the enemy.
  • Gunship - The only real counter to this killstreak is to use lock-on launchers to destroy it. Cold-Blooded will prevent you from being spotted, but it can still easily hit you via collateral due to the radical hellfire it rains down.
  • Advanced UAV - There is no counter to this killstreak. Wait out the storm.
  • Juggernaut - Anti-armor rounds and explosives are the only way to take this streak out. Even with this, however, it is so durable that it will take an extensive amount of time to bring down.

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How to counter every Killstreak in Modern Warfare 2

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