All Voice Actors in Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is an interactive narrative game that follows the events of a man stuck in a time loop within his apartment shared with his wife. Twelve Minutes keeps players on their toes with twisting storylines and quick decision-making. One element that drives this game’s story to be so immersive is the voice acting from […]

All Endings in Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is a game in which a husband, his wife, and a murderous cop are all trapped in a time loop. The player controls the husband and it is up to the player to figure out how to help the husband, the protagonist, escape the time loop. There are six possible endings to Twelve […]

How to restart the time loop in Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes features a 12-minute time loop that all the characters are stuck in. At the end of the 12 minutes, the time loop will naturally reset, but players can do so manually if they desire. There are two ways the player can reset the time loop. The easiest is to simply exit the apartment. […]

How to talk to the cop in Twelve Minutes

The cop is too strong to take on in a fight, so you will have to talk your way out of this predicament. Unfortunately, he isn’t much of a talker either so you will need to persuade him. Trying to talk to him while he has you handcuffed will either lead to him telling you […]