What does Willpower mean in BitLife?

Willpower is one of the main attributes of a character in BitLife. The attribute was made available as a new gameplay element in the God Mode update. As the name suggests, Willpower is a scaled attribute that helps a character overcome any obstacles/problems they face in their life. The higher the value of Willpower, the […]

How to complete the My Way Challenge in BitLife

To complete the My Way challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following objectives: Be born a male in New Jersey Become a Famous solo artist Join the Italian mafia Acquire $1m+ in lifetime casino earnings Have 2+ albums hit double platinum or higher Completing the My Way Challenge is easy once you […]

How to redeem codes in Bitlife

To redeem codes in Bitlife, players will need to find the option to do so under the main menu options list. From the options list, you can redeem any codes you find for the game Bitlife by either typing them out or copying and pasting them into the redeem code input box. Related: How to win a […]