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Apex Legends Caustic Guide – Tips, Abilities, Skins, & How-to Unlock!

Our Apex Legends Caustic Guide runs you through all the information you’ll need for this unique Legend. We’re going through how-to unlock Caustic, his character information, abilities, ultimate, skins, tips, and even featuring some wallpapers! Caustic is interesting in that he’s one of two Legends that aren’t immediately available in the game. He also might […]

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide – Tips, Abilities, & Skins!

Our Apex Legend Bangalore Guide walks you through all of the information you’ll need to know to get the most out of this Legend. We’re taking a look at her background information abilities, ultimate, tips, tricks, skins, and featuring some wallpapers for the class! Bangalore is more of your standard shooter character. She’s good in […]

Apex Legends Lifeline Guide – Tips, Abilities, & Skins!

Our Apex Legends Lifeline Guide includes tips and tricks on how best to get the most out of this dynamic Legend! We take a look at her character origins, accent, abilities, skins, and tips for learning how to best play this support. We’ve even got some wallpapers for Lifeline so you can some love for […]

Apex Legends Best Legends & Characters Tier List

We’re taking a look at the Best Legends & Characters from Apex Legends! This list will discuss the pros and cons of each choice, and rank them in order from best to worst. We’ll be keeping this list updated when new Legends are added, or balance changes are made to the game! The great thing […]

Apex Legends Best Guns and Weapons Tier List

Our Apex Legends Best Guns post features a full tier list and all of the top weaponry you can find in the game! We’re taking a look at the overall effectiveness of these weapons, so come see if your favorites have made it to the top of the tiers. We know how difficult it can […]