Archero Patch Notes – Information on the Latest Updates!

We’re gathering up all of the patch notes from Archero! If you’re wondering what has been updated and when, then we’ve got all the information you’re going to need. Updates for Archero go out in waves and usually first to Android. So, you will need to wait a bit before receiving the updates on your […]

Archero Hero Tier List – All the Best Heroes

Our Archero Heroes Tier List takes a look at the best hero you can lay as in the game! You don’t have to play as a random archer anymore, and you can choose between various powerful heroes that have control over the elements. We’ll take a look at all of the available heroes and their […]

Archero: How-to Get the Shari Hero Free!

If you’d like to nab the new Shari hero for free in Archero then you will need to participate in a new event! It isn’t too difficult to do, but it is a bit annoying and requires that you have at least one social media account of a particular type. You also need at least […]

Archero Best Pets Tier List – All Available Pets List!

Our Archero Best Pets & Spirits Guide features the top options for pet choices when playing the game! Spirits end up being very important later in the game, and take advantage of the important Wingman ability that protects you from damage. Archero refers to Pets as Spirits, but within the community the words are used […]