Ashes of Creation Full Class Chart, Explained

In upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation, players will develop their Archetype roles early on in the game so that upon reaching level 25, the ability to unlock a secondary Archetype—and therefore create a new Class—becomes available. Classes will introduce new abilities and greater roleplay opportunities. How do Classes work in Ashes of Creation? Classes are […]

All Playable Races in Ashes of Creation

For their upcoming game Ashes of Creation, the developmental team at Intrepid Studios wanted to create a unique MMO experience that allows gamers to make impactful decisions and shape the world of Verra. This thoughtful, dynamic approach extends to the playable races in Ashes of Creation, which will influence how characters advance through Verra and […]

What are Nodes in Ashes of Creation?

One word you’ll hear a lot of while playing Ashes of Creation is “Nodes.” It’s impossible to escape this term—however you decide to spend your gameplay, whether you’re adventuring, setting up shop, looking for a guild, or planning a marriage, you will encounter Nodes and have to understand their significance. So what the heck are […]

Best Archetypes to choose in Ashes of Creation

Whereas most role-playing games assign character classes from the beginning, Ashes of Creation uses Archetypes to steer characters towards certain roles that players can later refine. Players will have a Primary Archetype and a changeable secondary Archetype. Related: How to play Ashes of Creation Alpha Primary Archetypes Players will choose from eight Archetypes in the […]