Astroneer: How-to Get Iron – Finding Hematite!

Our How-to Get Iron in Astroneer Guide features exactly what you’ll need to do to get Iron in the Astroneer universe! Iron is a pretty important piece of the puzzle, it allows you to create Shredders and Trade Platforms! Iron is a refined resource in the game, that means you’re going to need to have […]

Astroneer: How-to Salvage Debris

Our Astroneer How-to Salvage Debris Guide features information on what you will need to recycle some of the old equipment that you will find scattered around the planets! Recycling this stuff will open up the ability to get some important resources like Iron and Tungsten without traveling the solar system. What is Debris in Astroneer? […]

Astroneer: How-to Get Tungsten – Finding Wolframite!

Our Astroneer How-to Get Tungsten Guide will walk you through the process of finding that ever important Wolframite that is needed to create Tungsten. You will need to do a bit of space travel to obtain it, but it will be worth your while. Tungsten is another of the important refined resources in Astroneer. You […]