How to get Copper in Astroneer

If you want to make solar panels or solar arrays, you will need to get copper through smelting. Here’s everything you need to know.  Where to get Copper in Astroneer To get copper in Astroneer, you need to smelt malachite via a smelting furnace by putting the material inside it. To get malachite, you will need […]

How to get Lithium in Astroneer

Lithium is one of several natural resources found within planets in Astroneer. However, unlike most resources, you can only get it on two planets in the game.  Where to get Lithium in Astroneer To get lithium in Astroneer, you will need to travel to either the planets Vesania or Novus. On these planets you must mine […]

How to get Aluminum in Astroneer

Aluminum in Astroneer is a unique resource players will need to craft a number of modules, so here is everything you need to know about getting it. Where to get Aluminum in Astroneer To get aluminum in Astroneer, you will first need to get laterite and put it inside a smelting furnace. You can get the laterite underground […]

Astroneer: How-to Get Iron – Finding Hematite!

Our How-to Get Iron in Astroneer Guide features exactly what you’ll need to do to get Iron in the Astroneer universe! Iron is a pretty important piece of the puzzle, it allows you to create Shredders and Trade Platforms! Iron is a refined resource in the game, that means you’re going to need to have […]

Astroneer: How-to Salvage Debris

Our Astroneer How-to Salvage Debris Guide features information on what you will need to recycle some of the old equipment that you will find scattered around the planets! Recycling this stuff will open up the ability to get some important resources like Iron and Tungsten without traveling the solar system. What is Debris in Astroneer? […]