How to fix ‘The profile service is in maintenance mode’ Error in Back 4 Blood

Online video games share their fill of online errors, and Back 4 Blood, the upcoming cooperative FPS is no different. Although players may be eager to wipe the streets free of zombies, they may encounter this error: “The profile service is in maintenance mode.” If players experience this Back 4 Blood error, the only fix […]

Is Back 4 Blood on Game Pass at Launch?

IF you were wondering if the highly anticipated Back 4 Blood is on the game pass at launch, the answer is yes, as it was just recently leaked via an early video description. The description was discovered by a Reddit user who quickly noticed the following description in a video shown in the tweet below. The leaked […]

Does Back 4 Blood have Crossplay?

If you are wondering if Back 4 Blood has crossplay, the answer is yes and has already been confirmed by the devs recently. The confirmation comes in the form of a tweet made by the official account of the game. This tweet reads as the following “We’re in this shit together! Enjoy Crossplay and Cross-gen in the […]

When Does Back 4 Blood Release?

Turtle Rock’s newest co-op zombie game is upon us, and we are totally ready for it! Whereas, for the past few years we could only get nostalgic about the Left 4 Dead games of the late 2000s, we now have Back 4 Blood coming in a matter of months to revive shouting down headsets to […]

How to Join the Back 4 Blood Beta

We’ve been looking forward to a new Left 4 Dead game for years! And even though Back 4 Blood doesn’t bear the same title as its predecessors, the experience is what we’ve been waiting for. You may be wondering how to join the upcoming beta, well here’s how! How to Join the Back 4 Blood […]