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BitLife God Mode Update Patch Notes (v1.33)

The BitLife God Mode update has just rolled out for iOS users! In this update you can take on the role of a god and edit anyone you want in the game as you play. There’s now eye exams, optometrists, as well as vision impairment that will force characters to wear eyeglasses! Adoption has been […]

BitLife Gold Digger Challenge Guide

It’s time to drain your spouse for everything they are worth! We’ll show you how in our BitLife Gold Digger Challenge Guide! We’re going to need to never have a job, marry many times, get over a million dollars in divorces, and then purchase ourselves a Lamborghini. BitLife Gold Digger Challenge Rules Let’s take a […]

BitLife Shamrock Challenge Guide – How-to Pinch People!

Another BitLife Challenge is available and this time it’s celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the Shamrock Challenge! We’re taking a look at what exactly you need to do to have redheaded children, pinch people, own green cars, and watch Jacksepticeye with a friend. BitLife Shamrock Challenge Rules Let’s take a quick look at the rules […]

BitLife Luxury Update Patch Notes (v1.32)

The new BitLife Luxury Update is now live and available for download! This update includes the ability to own airfacts, watercrafts, jewelery, and other luxury items. You can also customize your appearance at the salon, go to flight school, earn your boating license, maintain your car, and do various types of shopping. There’s even more […]