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BitLife Challenges Update Patch Notes (v1.31)

The 1.31 update for BitLife is now available for iOS users! This patch introduces the concept of weekly challenges. You will be required to fulfill a certain objective to complete it. The first challenge is to give birth to a baby for every letter of the alphabet. You will earn a medal for completing the […]

BitLife Alphabet Challenge Guide – How-to Complete!

If you’re wondering how-to complete the BitLife Alphabet Challenge then we’ve got all the information you will need! This isn’t too difficult of a challenge, but it can sometimes require a bit of luck to complete because every Bitizen is not created equal. Challenges are a new addition to the game and will be coming […]

BitLife Deployment Guide – How to Complete the Mini Game

If you’re heading into a military career in BitLife, then you might find yourself being deployed. If so, you will be tasked to complete a mini-game that can be a bit confusing to some at first. Well, we’re here to clear that up by walking you through it with our BitLife Deployment Guide! Deployments happen […]

BitLife Bitizen – Perks, Price & Is It Worth It?

If you’re playing a lot of BitLife on your phone, then you’re no doubt considering investing in being a Bitizen. If you’re on the fence about it, then we’re taking a look at all of the perks you will receive, as well as if it is worth it or not to purchase! BitLife Bitizen Price […]

BitLife Mind & Body Update Patch Notes (v1.30)

The BitLife Mind & Body update has just hit iOS devices! In this new patch, you’ll notice new people, game elements, and a whole new disease system with symptoms! If you’re a fan of beating people up, you can rank up your martial arts to learn special moves that you can use on your foes. […]