How to have triplets in BitLife

BitLife has some pretty tough achievements, and this is probably up there on the list. Trying to get pregnant with three kids isn’t easy, and in this game it’s particularly simple to do either! You will need to do quite a bit of baby having to make it happen, so be prepared for repeating the […]

How to get rid of high blood pressure in BitLife

If you are working multiple jobs, getting in fights with people, engaging in too many activities at school then you might notice that your stress meter is going into the red. If this is the case, you might find yourself on the receiving end of some high blood pressure. If this is the case with […]

How to become a Monk in BitLife

If you’re looking to complete all of your achievements in BitLife then one of those is going to be taking up the profession of a Monk. This isn’t too difficult and with a bit of know how you’ll be able to complete it relatively easily! The achievement, however, is a bit more difficult because you […]

Can you become a professional athlete in BitLife?

I’m sure most people who simulate a life in BitLife want to live out some of their fantasies of being a star athlete for their team or sport. This is a common dream among many people, so why wouldn’t you want to give it a run through in the game? Well, there’s some bad news […]