BitLife Genghis Khan Challenge Guide

For this BitLife Challenge, we’re going to need to rule in Mongolia! Be born in the country, become a general of the Army, own 10 horses, father 10 children, and murder 3 people. This is a difficult one, because there’s a lot of peril along the way. Being in the army can get you deployed, […]

BitLife Black Panther Challenge Guide

Wakanda is forever, so it’s time to take part in the Black Panther Challenge in BitLife! You will need to start a second generation life, be a male born in Kenya, earn a whole lot of belts in various martial arts, and then become the mayor of Wakanda to complete it. BitLife Black Panther Challenge […]

How to make an Enemy in BitLife

In BitLife you can be any kind of person you want to be! This means that there will be times you want to skew towards the evil side of life a bit more. If that’s the case, then there’s no better way to go towards the darkness then by making a whole bunch of enemies. […]

BitLife Karen Challenge Guide

It’s time to take on another challenge in BitLife, and this time we’re taking on the role of a Karen! You will need to own a minivan, complain a whole lot to human resources, file many lawsuits, and start some rumors about your enemies. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to […]