Where to find glass bottles in Breakwaters?

Players can find glass bottles in Breakwaters by making a shovel and using it to dig. But before players can use a shovel to find glass bottles, they will first need to make a shovel. Making a shovel in the game will require ten seagrass, three tree branches, one hardened shell. Once you make the shovel, equip it and […]

All Crafted Weapons in Breakwaters

You will need a good weapon if you are to stand a chance with the countless dangers waiting for you in Breakwaters. Luckily there is a whole host of weapons you can use to get the job done in the game. Each type of weapon requires a certain type of resource in the game. That […]

All Crafted Equipment in Breakwaters

In Breakwaters, players can make a ton of equipment items that include various things, from armor to storage bags that can hold items in the game. All equipment items will also require several variants of resources found throughout the game. Along with resource requirements, each item will also need to be unlocked first by crafting an item before it. […]