Bugsnax: How to Get Everyone to Dance

Seeing all of your hard work in a game come together is such an awe-inspiring feeling! This happens when all the Grumpuses have returned to Snaxburg! It’s time to get everyone to dance to have a good time! Bugsnax How to Get Everyone to Dance To get everyone to dance in Bugsnax in the quest […]

Bugsnax: How to Feed Gramble

Bugsnax is a new indie title by Young Horses, as you need to venture to Snasktooth island to discover that these weird bugs that are half made of food and half bug inhabit the place! You’ll find NPCs around the island that you can feed, and they will eventually transform. However, one character, in particular, […]

Bugsnax: Find the Missing Page

Crack the Code is one of Bugsnax’s most difficult quests! There’s not a lot of handholding, and how to progress is really pretty vague. If you don’t know exactly what to do, you would have to speak to every Grampus you have returned home, instead of speaking to the few you have to speak to, […]

Bugsnax: How to get to Boiling Bay

There are many areas in Bugsnax, when you are off exploring, you’ll undoubtedly find the entrances to different areas, or you might not have even recognized them to be entrances at all. Young Horses have done a stellar job incorporating the new areas based on story quests or finding the Grumpuses! Bugsnax How to get […]

Bugsnax: How to Make it Rain

Bugsnax is one of those types of games that you wish you could change the weather on a whim, but you cannot. The weather is in the fate of the Bugsnax gods; just hope you get lucky and get the watery goodness from the sky. Though there is a way to increase the chances of […]