Chivalry 2 Review – Blood and Iron

Chivalry 2 is a medieval combat game and a sequel to the hit 2010’s title of the same name. The sequel brings a whole host of improvements and successfully brings everything that was marvelous about the original. Loved the setting? Enjoyed the combat? Hated abusive animations? All of that and more are present and fixed in […]

How to parry in Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2’s combat system is in-depth and made up of numerous systems, and one of these is parrying. Parrying is when a player matches the attack of an opponent to deflect the blow. Doing so requires excellent timing and for you to read the opponent’s movements. That said, you can parry by watching the opponent’s […]

How to preload Chivalry 2

In short, if you want to preload Chivalry 2, you will need to start a download for it via your platform. On consoles, this process will be simple and most likely down automatically for you once you bought the game. If not, you can download it by finding in your library and clicking download. On PC, the […]