How to Cure Sickness in DayZ

Zombies aren’t the only things that you need to worry about whilst playing DayZ. Alongside the undead being raised, there are broken bones to consider as well as general sickness. There are a few different types of sickness that your player can succumb to, so we’re going to show you how to treat each one. […]

How to Make a Splint in DayZ

Broken limbs in DayZ are no joke! Splints help to reset limbs that have been broken so that you can also avoid passing out and becoming an easy target for enemies. They are not as easy to walk around with when applied, but it sure does beat fainting on the side of the road for […]

How to make a Fire in DayZ

DayZ is a survival sim which is no light task. If you don’t manage to set up camp in time you can succumb to a range of things, primarily zombie attacks! But also the cold, illness and hunger, which is why building fires is an extremely important part of the gameplay. To make a fire […]