What is the box in Death Stranding Director’s Cut?

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is coming to PS5 as an expanded adventure, and while the reveal trailer didn’t reveal much information, there are some cheeky nods to classic video games, particularly from Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima’s own creation. So what’s up with the box? In the Director’s Cut trailer shown at the Summer Games […]

Death Stranding: How to Avoid BTs and Mules

Death Stranding isn’t flooded with combat, with the challenge stemming more from trying to carry heavy load after heavy load without damaging anything. You will occasionally face enemies though, and while you can bypass most of them using Kojima’s trademark stealth, it’s also possible to get stuck in and take them out of the equation. […]

Death Stranding: How to Soothe BB and Heal Autotoxemia

Death Stranding throws a lot of random acronyms at you, though perhaps the most important two are BTs and BBs. BTs are invisible enemies that will make your life unbearable at numerous points in the game, with Sam resorting to sneaking and holding his breath to avoid them. Fortunately though, he also has another tool […]

Death Stranding: How to Get Sam to Tie up His Hair

It’s possible to get Sam to tie up his hair whenever you want to in Death Stranding, but it’s not immediately possible. We tried everything from showering to not showering to pulling off emotes in the sink: nothing seemed to work. That is, until we figured out what prevented Sam from tying up his hair […]