All Pixballs in Eastward

In Eastward, you can play an arcade game called Earth Born. This is a tough-as-nails game that is similar to old-school JRPGs like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Next to the arcade game, you can find what appears to be a gumball machine. Instead of gumballs, however, the machine contains Pixballs! Pixballs function similar to […]

How to cook in Eastward

Cooking can be a relaxing minigame in video games. Eastward features a cooking system that is similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s cooking system. It even has fun little sound effects that play as you cook. To start cooking in Eastward, you will need three ingredients. Each recipe requires at least […]

All Weapons in Eastward

You will face all types of danger in Eastward. John has a variety of weapons at his disposal to defend himself and Sam. While you only start with the frying pan, you can collect new weapons as you progress. Each of these weapons features an upgrade system as well. There are four primary weapons in […]

All Food in Eastward

The primary way to recover health in Eastward is by consuming food. Food will also grant you golden hearts that act as extra health. Lastly, food can restore Sam’s energy quicker. How much food you can carry is directly related to your backpack size. Here is a list of all food in Eastward, including its […]

All Recipes in Eastward

There are many things to do in Eastward and one of them is cooking. Cooking is the primary way to restore hearts to John and Sam. Cooking can also restore energy and give the pair gold hearts. To cook, you will first need to find ingredients and there are many in Eastward. Ingredients are broken […]