How to heal in Far Cry 6

Health regeneration is a core mechanic in Far Cry 6, just as it is in every other game in the franchise. Although your character’s health regenerates overtime, Far Cry 6 gives players the option to heal voluntarily. Here’s how you can heal in Far Cry 6 on different platforms: Keyboard – Z PlayStation Controller – […]

How to get Pesos fast in Far Cry 6

Pesos are extremely crucial in Far Cry 6. The currency can be used to purchase gear, weapons, and other in-game items. Although there are numerous ways to get Pesos in Far Cry 6, this guide lists the best and fastest ways to do so. Related: How to heal in Far Cry 6 Methods Los Bandidos […]

All Vehicle Pickup Points in Far Cry 6

After unlocking the various impressive vehicles throughout Far Cry 6, players will need to collect them from a Vehicle Pickup Point. These spots also allow players to save the vehicle they currently have in their garage. They can be extremely useful, whether a player is going out into battle or returning from it. There are […]