FIFA 21: How to change your kit

In the latest FIFA title, you have more or less complete freedom on how you want things to look. Customization is entirely in your hands when it comes to your squad, that is. Want to change your name? Sure. Your badge? Go ahead. What about celebrations and your home or away kits? Yup, all changeable! […]

FIFA 21: How to do all the celebrations

Fifa 21 is finally here, offering a visual enhancement, a number of gameplay improvements, and quality of life changes, plus more! Though after scoring that all-important goal, what’s more significant than having just scored? The celebration, of course! FIFA 21 has all new celebrations that you can do, to make that goal a little bit […]

No Demo Will Be Available for FIFA 21 According to EA

Well, if you were hoping to get a chance to try out FIFA 21 before plunking down your hard earned cash for it then you are going to be disappointed. It was announced today, September 21st, 2020, that there will be no demon released for the game. This is unfortunate because getting a chance to […]

FIFA 21: Top 10 fastest players revealed

Speed is one of the most important attributes in Fifa and is always key to success in the game. It’s one of the first skill sets that virtual managers look for while scouting in the game. Whether it’s casual play or career mode, having a high speed is always beneficial and makes the gameplay much […]