How to solve the Rainbow Puzzle in Forager

The rainbow puzzle in Forager is one of the very first puzzles players will encounter in the game. This puzzle appears on the player’s first island land, and the player will need to destroy a series of mushrooms to solve it.  However, destroying the mushrooms in any order won’t due, so you will need to do it […]

How to make Leather in Forager

Leather is a resource that is needed to make various items such as a golden bow and a small backpack, so here’s how to make it.  How to Craft Leather in Forager In short, to make leather in Forager, you will need the following items listed below, including a sewing station. Two Hide  Two Thread You […]

How to get Paper in Forager

Paper is an item needed to make various books and scrolls in Forager, so here is how to get it and craft it.  How to Craft Paper in Forager To get paper, you will need the following items in Forager. Four Wood Four Flowers You can get wood from trees, and to get the flowers, you will […]

How to Solve the Ancient Tomb Puzzle in Forager

There are four Dungeons in Forager, each associated with a different biome. The Ancient Tomb is one of these dungeons. In it, we must manipulate battery blocks to open paths and obtain the mythical Thunder Rod! How to Solve the Ancient Tomb Puzzle in Forager In this guide, we’re going to explain how to get to […]