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Fortnite Tournaments List Guide – Rewards & Information

Tournaments in Fortnite is an upcoming feature that will pit you against your fellow player in a variety of ways. Our Fortnite Tournaments List Guide has a full list of the potential challenges you will face in this soon to be released new mode. We’ll also be detailing all of the rewards and any other […]

Fortnite Quad Launcher – Damage & Stats, Where to Find, How-to Use, Tips & Tricks

Our Quad Launcher guide will walk you through its stats, damage, where and how to find it, plus feature some tips to utilize to its fullest extent in Fortnite! This should be an interesting addition to the game. The Rocket Launcher itself is pretty powerful in the right hands, so getting to launch multiple rockets […]

Fortnite Season 3 Skins – All Cosmetics from Season 3 of the Battle Pass

Our full Fortnite Season 3 Skins post has every skin you could’ve earned during the third season of the battle pass. We’ve got all of emotes and dances, outfits, pickaxes, contrails, and back blings! Season 3 of the battle pass was largely themed after space and space exploration. A large part of the skins you […]