Fortnite Creative Tycoon Codes List (May 2020)

Tycoon is a relatively new game type that is starting to gain some popularity late in Chapter 2: Season 2! It’s pretty interesting because it’s quite a bit different then a lot of the other games. What you do is you collect a currency which enables you to upgrade your ability to collect that currency. […]

Fortnite Creative Gun Game Codes List (May 2020)

If you’re familiar with shooter games then you’ve no doubt played Gun Game before. This style of play tests your ability to be good with a slew of different weaponry, and the concept has now been brought into Fortnite. You start out with one gun in a set, and when you get an elimination with […]

Fortnite Location Domination Challenges Guide

We’re taking a look at all of the Fortnite Location Domination Challenges you’ll be able to complete for quite a bit of xp! Chapter 2: Season 2 has been extended and with that comes some additional objectives you can complete to level up your Battle Pass. Each one of these challenges has three tiers, each […]