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Fortnite Vault – Currently Removed Items List!

To help control the flow of the game Epic will periodically add items to the “vault” for various reasons. Either the item was obsolete, served its purpose, or didn’t fit in the game. The Fortnite Vault is where items go to rest, but could potentially return one day in the future! Vault Patches 6.21 Patch […]

Fortnite Beginner’s Guide – Learn the Ins-and-Outs of this Popular Battle Royale Game!

Our Fortnite beginner guide will get you started in this popular f2p game. This guide includes beginner’s information on gun rarity, guns, healing, building, and finding loot. We also go through each phase of the game so you will know how to approach the early, mid, and late game stages of Battle Royale! Fortnite can […]

Fortnitemares Challenges Guide – Cheat Sheets, Rewards, Challenges List

Learn how-to complete all of the parts in this new event with our Fortnitemares Challenges Guide! We’ve got all of the solutions for each of the parts in Fortnitemares. Earn those new cosmetics include the Fiery Emoticon, Deadfire Spray, Virulent Flames Contrail, and the Dark Engine Glider! Fortnitemares is a huge event this year now […]