How do memories work in Garden Story

As you progress through Garden Story Concord will interact with NPCs on its quest to save the Grove. Along the way, Concord will form memories of its closest friends and memorable moments. These create memories the player can use to customize Concord. Memories are a way to increase Concord’s stats. Some will increase stats or […]

How to save in Garden Story

To save in Garden Story, players must return to Concord’s home or use a leaf pillow. To interact with the leaf pillow players must press the Z key or the A button. There are several options available to the player at the leaf pillow including saving. Saving not only tracks the player’s progress but also […]

How to collect resources in Garden Story

Resources are an important element in Garden Story. They can take the form of simple twigs and stone to much more. These resources can be found in a multitude of ways. To pick up resources, the player must walk to them and press the A button or the D key. Resources can be found through slaying monsters or stones […]

How to get the pick in Garden Story

Garden Story revolves around Concord the youngest grape who must fight against the Rot. To defend themself, they need a weapon. Swords are hard to come by and therefore the young grape is first given a simple pick. The pick is a gathering tool that is both flexible and reliable. Normally a pick is used […]