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Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing Guide

Yougou Cleansing is the last objective in Genshin Impact’s Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline. Travelers should prepare for an extremely challenging battle ahead, as this final boss—Miasmic Tumor—isn’t holding back on the punches. Meet Kazari outside the entrance to the depths. This entrance is located some distance beneath Grand Narukami Shrine, so just glide down […]

Find the Barrier: Genshin Impact Shrine Puzzle Guide

After investigating the abandoned shrine northeast of Konda Village, you’ll be prompted to “find the barrier” near the abandoned shrine to progress in Genshin Impact’s Sacrificial Offering world quest. To enter the cavern housing the barrier, you’ll need the Rust-Worn Key that can be obtained from inside the well in the Konda Village Chief’s yard. […]