Fastest Helicopters in GTA Online

Helicopters are one of the most popular forms of transportation in GTA Online. They allow for immense speeds and maneuverability once you get used to the controls. This causes fans of this type of vehicle to see which ones are the fastest to maximize their speed when moving around the map. We’ve found the list of […]

The 10 Most Expensive Cars in GTA V

There is a sort of prestige about owning expensive things, whether in real life or in-game. Some people do it for the status among their friends, but some of us just like knowing we challenging a difficult goal and have something to show for it. In GTA V, some of the most expensive cars aren’t […]

The 10 Fastest Cars in GTA V

One of the things that the Grand Theft Auto franchise is known for is the cars it brings into the game. Most players are familiar with the feeling of cruising down a road in-game in an already fast car but spotting an even better one zooming past you and deciding to commandeer that one. Whether it’s […]