Best Cars to Customize in GTA 5 Online

Although there are lots of heists and missions in GTA Online, a very important part of the game is what car you drive, how it looks and how fast it goes. Basically, can metal on four wheels race really fast! Some cars are better for customization than others though, so here are some of the […]

Best Cars in GTA Online

With a high variety of cars to experience in GTA Online, filtering through the best ones can become a difficult and time consuming task. Best Cars in GTA Online The Super and Sports Class cars happen to have the highest statistics that are imperative when choosing the right car to get around San Andreas with. […]

How to sell Property in GTA Online

In Grand Theft Auto Online, players can buy numerous properties, but selling them is another matter that requires a few extra steps. That said, here’s how to sell property in  Grand Theft Auto Online. How to sell buildings in GTA Online In order to sell a property, you must exchange it for another property you wish to […]

Best Bunker Locations in GTA Online

Purchasing a bunker is essential and is the first step players will have to take, in order to get into the Gunrunning biz in San Andreas. Best Bunker Locations in GTA Online To begin a career in becoming the top gunrunner in GTA Online, players must be a CEO, VIP, or MC President; and they […]

Highest Paying GTA 5 Online Heists

Some of the most important aspects of progression in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online are the heists. These exceedingly difficult assignments pay big but also require a great deal of organized strategy, teamwork, and highly calculated skills in order to pull off. Highest Paying GTA 5 Online Heists Once players get to Rank 12 and […]