Best GTA 5 Roleplaying Servers

One thing that has increased the ever-lasting boom of Grand Theft Auto V is the concept of GTA V RP, which allows people to roleplay in different positions whilst enjoying the world of Los Santos. Lots of people are very dedicated to it and want good servers, so here are the best ones to join […]

Best GTA V Mods

Don’t get us wrong, Grand Theft Auto V is a fantastic game with a lot of replayability, however, it is now eight years old. The good news is that the modding community is always on the case, so we thought we would comprise a list of some of the best mods to freshen up your […]

How to join the NoPixel Server in GTA V RP

GTA V is constantly relevant and always finding ways to re-invent itself. The most recent way is through the use of roleplaying called GTA V RP. These servers host people to play random character in their events, and one of the most sought after is the NoPixel server. So, how do you get in? Read […]

Most Expensive Clothing in GTA V

The prices of clothing range from Free to over $397,000 for a single piece of gear. Once players start to reach the end-game or become a powerful presence in GTA Online, they want to show off how much they have accomplished by wearing the most expensive clothing money can buy! You’ll find some of the most expensive […]