Best Sims 4 Mods

EA’s The Sims 4 is a game loved by many, and does have lots of fun aspects to mess around with, as well as multiple worlds to create. Compared to its predecessors though, it is sometimes lacking and fans have noticed that storylines and gameplay can feel a lot more shallow than they used to. […]

Best Weapons in Demon’s Souls

The glorious return of Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5 was long awaited, and had us all very excited. We still are excited! Except… We remembered that we now need to go through all of those gruelling boss fights again, apart from this time they’re in stunning 4K! Can’t beat a good challenge though, so here […]

How to Teleport in Minecraft PE

Teleporting in Minecraft PE differs from in any other Minecraft game. In this guide, we explain how to use the chat feature to teleport yourself or another player to a different location. How to Teleport in Minecraft PE In Minecraft PE, the only way to enter commands is to press the Chat Icon at the […]