Crusader Kings 3 Console Commands

Crusader Kings 3 is the third installment of the Crusader Kings franchise, which was released in September 2020. Since then, players have found they can use the console commands implemented into the game to alter the game’s mechanics. This allows for players to change their playstyle, create different scenarios, or add a degree of fun […]

Is Fortnite Battle Pass Worth It?

The Fortnite Battle Pass is a pass for exclusive content and rewards that applies to a specific season of Fortnite. It ends when the Season ends, and any rewards not obtained by reaching specific levels of the Battle Pass are vaulted, making it so players can not get them unless they show up later in […]

How to Remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft

Curse of Binding is an enchantment in Minecraft that can be applied to items worn by the player such as Armor, Elytra, and Mob Heads. When this enchantment is applied to a worn object, that object cannot be removed except through death, cheats, or breakage. Because Curse of Binding is permanent, many players want to […]

What Does Bad Omen do in Minecraft?

Bad Omen is a status effect that was added to Minecraft in update 1.14. This is one of the more complicated status effects, so many players struggle to understand exactly what it does. In the short guide below, we have provided a simple explanation for what it does and how to use it to your […]