Hades: How to use Titan Blood

In the fast-paced action game Hades, you can use one of 6 weapons to fight through the pits of hell to escape. Sometimes as your fighting through rooms, the Gods themselves will give you a boon; these boons will stay with you until you fall in battle, then they are lost! Are you ready to […]

Hades: How to Unlock Hidden Aspects

Hades is finally out of early access and has hit version 1.0! When playing Hades, you’ll notice that it has a massive focus on the weapons you can use; even though they are only six types, it’s the hidden mechanics of each one that makes the difference. Each weapon has three aspects and one hidden […]

How to get and farm Titan Blood in Hades

If you’re just getting into Hades after the full release of the game and are looking to upgrade your weaponry then you are going to need to collect Titan Blood. It is an important currency in the game if you want to continually boost the heat levels you are looking to complete after you finish […]