2021’s Best Mouse for FPS Games

Throughout the last few years, gaming mice featured two things: flashiness and features. Some mice were as bright as possible, and others had as many as 15 buttons. But the best mice for FPS titles don’t need all or any of that. The best mice for FPS games have to do one thing and one […]

2021’s 5 Best Wi-Fi Cards for PC Gaming

Networking is a tricky thing, and manufacturers generally aren’t super helpful when it comes to clarifying things. Reading the specs for just about any wireless router or Wi-Fi card is going to be a flurry of numbers, designations, and (very often meaningless) maximum bandwidth ratings. So before we delve into Wi-Fi cards let’s clear the […]

2021’s Best Computer Coolers for Gaming

Preparing adequate cooling is one of the most important aspects of any new PC gaming build. Keeping your CPU nice and cool will prolong its life substantially compared to having it run hot and lead to less thermal throttling, which leads to better performance. When choosing a cooler, you’ll encounter two types: air coolers and […]