Where is Philo Newcombe in Hitman 3?

Philo Newcombe is back as an arcade elusive target in Hitman 3 until Jan. 6, 2022. He previously appeared in Hitman 3 as an elusive target from July 30 to Aug. 9, 2021. The Heartbreaker mission begins directly outside the venue, regardless of starting location. You can find Newcombe in the cinema if you want […]

Hitman 3 End of An Era door code

Hitman 3’s End of An Era mission features a code for a door that is easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for. The door code is 2552. In End of An Era, Agent 47 needs to sneak into a lab with experiments on people. While playing through, you’ll eventually reach Hush’s […]

Hitman 3: Release Date, Gameplay, & Details

If you’ve been enjoying yourself some Hitman 2, then you’ve got more to look forward to in the near future because Hitman 3 is on its way and scheduled to be released in January 2021! There’s not a whole lot of information about the game just yet, but you will obviously be seeking to complete […]