How to increase war support in Humankind

War is no trifling matter in Humankind. For that reason, you will need the people’s support to increase your chances of winning a war. This is called War Support and it represents the population’s view on war and whether or not they wish to engage with another empire. Your War Support will be shown at […]

How to patronage Independent People in Humankind

In Humankind numerous major cultures form the empires you will interact with. In addition to these, there are many other cultures, that while aren’t major, are still represented in the game. These are called Independent People. You can interact with Independent People in multiple ways. You can employ their armies, trade with them, or assimilate […]

How to force a surrender in Humankind

War is an ever-constant threat in Humankind. As hard as you try to prevent it, it is bound to happen as you interact with more and more empires. Even the most peaceful empires should be prepared for this inevitability. There are multiple ways that war can end in Humankind. This can be done peacefully or […]

How to research Technologies in Humankind

As you advance through the different eras in Humankind, your culture and empire will continue to make advances as it progresses. One of these fields is scientific advances which is called Techology. The Research is located at the bottom left of your screen will show you all of the technologies available to you. Some Technologies […]

How to call reinforcements in Humankind

War is a vital part of Humankind as sooner or later you and another empire will come to a disagreement. You may be able to settle it with words, but sometimes steel is the only answer. In war, you have units that make up your fighting force. During battles, you can call in reinforcements to […]